5 common problems iPhone 6s and how they resheniya review

In the history of Apple this announcement, which would have cost without scandal or criticism. the iPhone 6s is no exception and, as we have already mentioned, is not the first Apple smartphone with problems. But there are such difficulties to deal with that by yourself does not always work. How to fix the most common problems associated with iPhone 6s?


First on our list and not the last in importance is the problem of autonomy “Eski”. The so-called “Batterygate” has many users, forcing them to charge their device several times a day.

If a manufacturing defect is eliminated, try to look in appeared in the “Settings” section “Battery”. There you will see a full report system on all energy-consuming processes. It will be extremely helpful to know what application is the most “voracious”. If anything could not be detected, you must disable automatic software updates. For this, go to “Settings” — “General” — “Update content” and put the switch in the “off” position. Interestingly, the Plus version is devoid of such shortcomings and lives an extremely long time. Furthermore, iOS 9, users became available the power saving mode.

Hangup interface

This problem is not as prevalent as the question of autonomy. And with this occasion, typically face only users of iPhone 6s. S-Plus works much more stable. In order to bring the system from “unconscious” state, use “soft” reset by holding down the Home button and the power key. If the friezes and lags happen too often, try to reset all settings and restore from backup. Otherwise contact the manufacturer and get a replacement serviceable smartphone.

False triggering 3D Touch

The new version of the technology Force Touch, which debuted in Apple Watch, as it turned out, not always works correctly. The engineers at iFixit say that if you suffered such an accident, you will likely have to change the iPhone. In most cases, false alarms are in violation of hardware devices. But first you check it in “Settings” whether to enable the 3D Touch and make sure to clean the screen surface.

Housing overheating

Amazing quality the majority of Apple devices. Whether all the matter in the optimization, whether in secret production technology, but the gadgets on iOS rarely were prone to overheating. Exceptions were only The New iPad with Retina display and iPad mini 2 hardware which was difficult to cope with such a high resolution screen. However, iPhone 6s and was subject to a so-called “oven effect”.

To try to resolve this trouble by yourself. First, make sure that lately you have not run demanding games and applications. It is also possible that in the background you constantly running power-intensive program that forces the CPU to heat up. We urge you to proceed into “Settings” — “Battery” and check all active processes. If anything suspicious was not detected, follow the good old factory reset and restore from backup.

Hot key “Home”

Last but not the least important feature of the iPhone 6s is the glowing Home button with integrated Touch ID scanner 2.0. As in the case with problem module 3D Touch, you probably got a defective model. Recommend that you contact the seller and say that there had been a difficulty. Do not leave problems unattended, then the device will serve you faithfully.

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