5 examples of the incredible relationship of Apple to their products

Every Apple product is a work of art, made available a wide range of people. It is astonishing with what thoroughness and attention to even the smallest and seemingly insignificant details of a second) suitable to create their products. Literally everything from packaging materials to software, verified by hundreds of specialists are involved in the production. Can’t remember a single example, except for the bugs of the latest version of iOS? Look under the cut are collected here something really interesting.

Apple Pencil

One of the most controversial products ever produced by Apple. Submitted last fall, the pen has become an indispensable assistant in the work of the majority of owners of a new line of professional iPad. And although the functionality of the “Pencil” is able to surprise, its appearance, materials and does not inspire confidence Lightning connector on the end looks, to put it mildly, flimsy.

But! Did you know how much attention was paid to the ergonomics of how much effort was put on achieving a feeling of operation similar to analog letter? Unlikely. Moreover, the components inside the accessory will be distributed in such a way that the center of gravity will prevent the Pencil from rolling off the table and potential damage from impact. Can try yourself, previously having spread straw Peru.


All known perfect “calibrated” mechanisms in the lid of the MacBook, providing the possibility of opening the laptop with one finger. But have you noticed (couldn’t not notice!) the small notch in the bottom of the hull, allowing more easily to raise the display part. In Cupertino know a lot about convenience. Nowhere else have I not seen anything like that, but maybe I was looking bad?

Flashlight in iOS

And although Steve jobs as beloved skeuomorph, not with us for several years, his ideas are still alive. A great example is the icon series functions “Flashlight” in the control Center. Most likely, you simply did not pay attention to this point, but the slider switch on the flashlight changes its position depending on whether included or not. Someone will surely find this stupid or completely unnecessary detail, which spent a lot of time. This may be true, but the devil is in the details, inconspicuous and, moreover, amazing.

The colors of the Google logo

Yes, oddly enough, that jobs initiated the change of the shade of yellow color, which was painted one letter in the logo of the brand. As we found out, Steve didn’t like the way the logo looked on the screen of his iPhone. Then he wrote a letter to the Executive Director of Google with the requirement to change the gradient on the corresponding representations of his jobs about perfect.

“Vic,” wrote Steve. – we have a problem, the solution of which Brooks no delay. I have already appointed someone from his team to help you with this, and I hope you’ll fix it tomorrow. I looked at the Google logo from the screen of your iPhone and are unhappy with the icon. Google has the wrong yellow gradient. It’s just wrong, and I’ll have Greg do it. Okay?”.

Immodestly, I agree, but that was the whole Steve.

Attention to pixels

By his own statement, Scott Forstall, former Vice President of the company, Apple do not spare resources to work through the perfect interface elements. So much so that each individual pixel of a particular icon is considered one of the specialists under the microscope. To the natural question of journalists, Fortune “Why?” Scott assured them that everything must be flawless, even application icons.

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