5 gadgets that Apple should be ashamed

In recent years, Apple has secured such credibility that all of its new products are waiting as manna from heaven. But few people remember that was the “Apple” giant, and outright failures. Below are a selection of devices for which Apple should be ashamed.

iPhone 5c

The only failure of the iPhone Apple released in 2013. Many years from Yabloko demanded a budget model, but Steve jobs firmly insisted: Apple gadgets – premium products. In the end the company gave up the slack and paired with the long-awaited iPhone 5s has presented the second model, cheaper iPhone 5c.

It would seem that the people got what they wanted, but the iPhone 5c is not gained proper popularity. For $550 buyers got the stuffing from last year’s “five” and the plastic housing of bright color. While the premium iPhone 5s with a brand new advanced hardware, improved camera, Touch ID and a sleek metal finish cost only $100 more expensive.

Of course, buyers prefer to pay this small sum, and iPhone 5c use less in demand. Apple had to first lower the price on the “budget” product, and then completely remove it from production.

To release a budget smartphone the company returned only three years later, presented a SE iPhone, combining hardware from the iPhone 6s with the iPhone 5s. This time the engineers have taken into account previous mistakes and made a very successful product most popular.

iPod Shuffle 3G

The desire to maximize simplicity has always been the hallmark of Apple, but the iPod Shuffle 3G is the desire reached the point of absurdity, making the player too uncomfortable. The gadget went on sale in the spring of 2009, even outwardly had nothing to do with the player — he was like a pocket USB drive.

A new iPod was completely devoid of buttons as a result of control they had with the headset, but the buttons were few — only three. Two of them regulate the sound, and under all other adjustments have been given only one button. She was carried out and the inclusion of the tracks and stop playback and rewind and fast forward, and skip to next and previous tracks.

Magic Mouse 2

Computer manipulator Magic Mouse 2 cannot be used while connected to a power source due to the specific location of the charging port. The users even suggested Apple’s CEO Tim cook to fire the engineer responsible for the development of the model of the manipulator.

Tellingly, Magic Mouse 2 allows you to do the usual docking stations for the iPhone. The user does not need to pull extra Lightning cable: how do I find the owners, well the mouse is attached to the docking station the Apple.

Console Pippin

Few people know that in the mid-90s, when video games reached the peak of popularity, Apple tried to release a gaming console. Rather, one console — the Pippin. In 2006, PC World Magazine made Pippin in the list of the 25 worst technology products in history. What was wrong?

The console was created on Mac OS and had less than two dozen games, while Sony and Nintendo games number in the hundreds. Pippin is not advertised as a gaming console, but as a budget alternative to the computer. While the technical component of the console has lost all main competitors — Nintendo 64, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. But the exorbitant price tag of $600 discourage from console Apple last possible buyers.

“Break apart” keyboard

In 1993, Apple, which at the time had not yet returned Steve jobs, decided to revolutionize the market of keyboards. To do this, engineers “Apple” came up with an adjustable keyboard, which “break” into two parts and fixed to any angle for greater convenience print. The development was named Adjustable Keyboard.

It is possible that the location of the keys is really more convenient than usual, but too much time should be spent on it to relearn. Therefore, perceived keyboard was more than cold. Especially because of its “revolutionary” product, the company demanded huge $220 (at current money of about $370).

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