5 gadgets to charge from AliExpress that should be in every

Each of us are faced with situations where you need the cable for charging and data transfer, but it is not at hand, or he’s lost. Not to get into such a situation, we picked up a 5 gadgets that you can order on AliExpress.

Gadget # 1 — charger-keychain

It is convenient to attach to keys or backpack and forget about cable. The device impresses with its versatility, suitable for iPhone / iPad, and also for devices with microUSB ports and USB C. a choice of three colors: black, white and red.

Buy from 530r.

Gadget No. 2 — charging stand

Throw it in a backpack and stop to worry about forgotten cables. The device can be used as a stand for your smartphone, suitable for charging iPhone / iPad and devices with ports microUSB / USB-C. you Can choose red, white or black.

Buy from 330R.

Gadget No. 3 — charge-suspension

This cable with a minimalist design in the form factor of the faux leather strap is suitable only for owners of iOS-devices. Attach it to a key — it will not take much space in your pocket or bag. From the seller available in 3 colors: black, brown and pink.

Buy from 245р.

Gadget No. 4 — charging-bracelet

Put it on your hand and charge cable will always be at hand in the literal and figurative sense. Universal black color and lighning connector is what the iPhone in the color “Space Grey”.

Buy from 885р.

Gadget # 5 — charging-putannitsa

The latest gadget for charging in our collection for the beautiful half of iPhone / iPad users. An indispensable device for handbags that has lightning, microUSB, USB-C, mirror and kickstand function for smartphones. You can choose from four colors: red, white, black and pink.

Buy from 535р.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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