5 good reasons to switch from Windows to macOS

This year, Apple and Microsoft released major updates to their operating systems macOS and Windows Sierra 10 Anniversary Update accordingly. Both platforms-its good and interesting, however, the operating system of Apple in many things stronger than the world’s most popular OS. Author YouTube channel MrThaiBox123 Adam Matthews named five good reasons why Windows users should think about switching to the Mac.

1. Alternative to boring Windows

About 20 years Adam is a network administrator. For this reason, he has to constantly deal with the operating system Microsoft. After 10-12 hours of working with Windows in the day want to escape and try something else. Because Linux does not work well on the desktop, and other UNIX alternatives are not so relevant, it was logical to transition to Mac. This was the first reason to switch to the Apple ecosystem. Matthews is still using Windows at work, but home computer for personal tasks is Mac.

2. Mac is cheaper to use than a Windows PC

Matthews came to the conclusion that to use a Mac in the end cheaper than the computer on Windows. Such a conclusion makes sense. Initially you buy a MacBook, of course, more expensive than most Windows-counterparts, but in a year you can sell the device much more expensive than a PC. With this you can with good savings updated on a recent model Mac. Apple depreciates much slower than a competitor’s products.

Not so long ago IBM told me that Mac is cheaper than PC. Depending on the model of the computer Apple saves it for four years, from $273 to $543 compared to a Windows PC.

3. Faster, more efficient and no viruses

The third reason ā€“ macOS faster and more convenient to work with the operating system. According to Adam, who for many years worked with Windows in a corporate environment, even when remote installation of Windows 10 on computers have to restart and wait for hours to finish installing the updates. “Most of these things don’t happen on a Mac. Everything is much easier, faster and just more efficient,” he explained.

The Mac saves you time at every step. Working with Windows and macOS, you know how much routine and unnecessary procedures and operations necessary to do the user PC. Some of them seemingly minor, but when these little things not working on the computer is faster at times.

Another problem faced by users of Windows ā€“ viruses. Of course, you can install antivirus, but to protect fully, he can not, moreover, expends computer resources that affects performance of your PC. The probability to infect Mac malware is extremely small, even if not very neat on the Internet.

4. A flexible configuration

The fourth reason can be a little obscure to beginners in the computer world, but the Mac is based on UNIX and can work with many of the tools and environments of the system. It is considered that the macOS is much less customization than in Windows, which configure the device for themselves, as a Windows PC, will not work. But one who says so probably isn’t familiar with computer basics. Since macOS is a UNIX system, you can configure every aspect of the operating system.

For a long time all that was available on Windows for configuration, DOS and the registry, which is clearly not given the same freedom as the Terminal. Recently OS from Microsoft PowerShell appeared that several extends in the OS configuration. However, this is only a add-in for Windows, unlike macOS, which is built entirely on UNIX.

5. On a Mac you can install Windows

The fifth reason is the possibility to install Windows on your Mac. Thanks to Boot Camp on any Apple computer can run Windows and use all the software for this operating system. Of course, nobody forbids to try to turn a Windows laptop into a Hackintosh, but this is absolutely not the experience, and the problem of the compatibility of hardware has not disappeared.

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