5 jailbreak tweaks that Apple have to make iOS part 12

To community has long served as the inspiration for the Apple engineers. Many iOS features originally existed in the form of tweaks, and the iPhone maker stands to continue to “steal” ideas from jailbreakers.

The jailbreak tweaks is a mini ā€“ program that can be installed on a jailbroken iOS device. They help to modify the system and add features that do not exist by default.


This tweak is an additional button to lock the orientation of the display located in the video player. Why there? Yes, because that’s where she is most often needed. In most cases the landscape orientation, the smartphone is not in use, and sometimes unexpectedly overturned picture irritates users. Yes, change the orientation, you can lock in the control and forget about this feature.

However, the video people almost always look in horizontal mode, so the lock button is still needed. AVLock transfers it directly into the video player, making it as accessible as possible when it is really necessary. Apple should definitely take note of this development and to lay her hands on.


IPhone X certainly often use labels with a flashlight and camera on the lock screen. This is indeed very convenient way to incorporate these two functions of the smartphone, but the camera and flashlight are not needed for all. So why not give the option to replace these buttons to something more practical? For example, notes or your favorite messenger.

Apple not yet given, and here the jailbreak tweak Jumper helps to implement it. The iPhone maker should pay attention to this small but very useful utility that can greatly simplify the life of anyone who purchased the iPhone X.

BioProtect X

One of the most desired features that owners of Apple gadgets dream for many years ā€“ the ability to password protect individual apps. Users already have two biometric systems unlock the phone, but they still can’t be used to protect SMS, photos, and other data.

Perhaps Apple think that constantly scan your finger to log into iMessage too hard, but now they have a Face ID, which, though it’s not perfect, but performs its main role. This means that Apple should think about implementing a more advanced multi-level data protection. Including protect folders with apps.

ByeBye HUD

Those who have iPhone or iPad probably at least once experienced an attack of anger due to the fact that when you change the volume on Apple devices on half of the screen gets square with the corresponding indicator. He’s going after the users for many years, and it’s time to get rid of. Somehow do not understand that only the Apple designers. Even third-party developers have begun to hide the volume bar away from the center, trying to make it as invisible.

Apple should stop to ignore the whole world and finally get away from the ill-fated square with the image dynamics.


Another hated feature of iOS, which spoiled a lot of matches in online games, destroyed more than one drone and are not interrupted by one film ā€“ a notice of call in full screen. What would not doing the user any call blocks all other actions. This obsession brings only negative consequences, and therefore need to find another solution. Jailbreakers have already corrected this situation. Apple now, put this tweak at the system level.

If you know of other interesting tikah you want to see in iOS by default, tell us about them in the comments.

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