5 reasons to buy an iPad (9,7) instead iPad Pro

The Apple iPad is a very versatile tool that can be used in any home. The device is definitely not capable of replacing the computer, but dozens of things to do on it easier than on a PC or phone.

If you haven’t bought an iPad, and just think, what model to stay, we have prepared 5 reasons why you should buy an iPad with a screen 9.7 inches, instead of the enlarged version of “Pro”. Most of them become even more compelling if you already have an iPhone with a good camera and other Apple devices.


The difference between the cheapest iPad at 9.7 inches and most expensive iPad Pro is almost 400 percent.

Let’s take for comparison not the cheap or expensive model, and, in my subjective opinion, the best to buy — in which has a cellular module and a minimal amount of memory. Prices taken from Apple’s website.

• iPad is 9.7 inches with a storage of 32 GB: 35 thousand rubles

• iPad Pro on 10.5 inch storage 64 GB: 57 thousand rubles

• iPad Pro 12.9 inch with storage to 64 GB: 69 thousand rubles

The price of a regular iPad comparable to some flagship Android phones, at the same time, iPad Pro climbs on the territory of laptops or gaming PCs. In this light, I want to think several times before you decide to buy the Pro instead of the usual Apple.

Display standard iPad will be the envy of any competitor

Between the displays on the iPad and iPad Pro, there is a huge difference. the iPad Pro uses technology ProMotion and frequency of 120 Hz due to which the movies and scroll through the feeds of social networks seem much smoother.

At the same time, iPad with Retina display also boasts of the highest quality. The difference is felt only when you hold the phone close.

The iPad (9,7) the perfect form factor

When in 2010 Apple released the first iPad, she chose the size at 9.7 inches is not accidental. Since then, the company introduced the reduced and enlarged iPad mini, iPad Pro, but rather, they fill a niche in the market, than to expand it.

9.7 inch give a large screen, leaving the portable device.

As for weight, the model with a diagonal of 12.9 inches sensitive heavier than smaller models, including iPad Pro 10.5 inches.

Quality camera

The standard iPad comes with an 8 megapixel camera with support for full HD and Live Photos. This unit is quite enough to shoot Stories funny video with a cat or friends at the party.

The sensors on the iPad Pro to support 4K filming, but for the sake of buying a more expensive tablet is unlikely, especially given the powerful camera in the current iPhone.

With front camera is the same story — the “Pro” fared better, but with the tablet the sides will consider the whiteness of your teeth by FaceTime or Skype.

All tablets work on the same iOS version

Purchasing iPad Pro user works with the same programs and the same operating system as the owner of the iPad (the 9.7). Given the support the Apple Pencil, there are no unique features that are exclusive to the iPad Pro.

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