50/50: analysts have estimated the probability of extinction of a button Home49 review

“Why do we need physical button, if it can be replaced with called the taptic Engine and Force Touch” — thought to Apple and saved their new trackpads with physical buttons. IPhone 6s 3D Touch appeared, and called the taptic Engine replaced the conventional vibration, however the physical Home button remains in its place. On the very spot that she has held since 2007, despite repeated prophecies about her disappearance. Analytics back to fortune-telling and are unable to bypass the Home button side. Time to imagine the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 should get a lot of new, and primarily we are talking about changes outside. Apple will be the third year in a row to sell smartphone with the same design. This is a good opportunity to finally get rid of the Home button. Many smartphone manufacturers have done it already. This solution allows to reduce the space not occupied by the screen. One question remains: what will become of Touch ID? It would be great if the iPhone 7 be able to recognize the fingerprint using the scanner, located under the screen. Ultrasonic technology of reading fingerprints from Qualcomm will allow you to do this, but there is no certainty that Apple will want to use it.

Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster estimates the likelihood of the disappearance of the Home button 50%. Perhaps Apple will replace it with a 3D Touch screen, and may not be replaced. Munster also predicts a long-awaited appearance of the screen, protected by sapphire crystal. Nothing is impossible, but I would like to point out that Apple has seriously worked with Corning on glass that will bend to touch for 3D Touch. If sapphire glass can not be as flexible, Apple will have to abandon them at least in the next iPhone.

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