6 annoying features of iOS 12 and how to get rid of them

iOS 12 is the most stable and fast operating system with many small, but nice changes. Though not all they liked. Some functions just didn’t like users, and we know about them. And we know how to turn them off.

Grouped notifications

The ability to group notifications were one of the most anticipated, but there were a lot of users who like this approach do not like. There are people who like to see a list of reminders and messages without having to click on them to view. To disable grouping, you must:

  • Go to settings device.
  • Open the “Notifications”item.
  • Select the program to which you want to disable grouping.
  • In the menu Group to put a tick opposite the option “Off”.

Offers Siri

In iOS 12 Siri smarter and become more proactive. Beginning to study user behavior and recommend different actions. Calls, photo albums, application, and so on. Those who like the obsession seems excessive, can this feature be disabled. To do this:

  • Go to settings device.
  • Click “answer Search”.
  • Remove the checkmark next to “Offer Siri”.

Lock USB accessories

In the new operating system Apple is taking an increasingly desperate security measures. One of these is to block access to the device via the USB cables after a certain time. That is, if the person is not interacting with a smartphone in one hour, then connect it to the computer does not work. To disable this option, you need to:

  • Go to settings device.
  • To access the item “Face ID/Touch ID and passcode”.
  • Scroll through the page to “USB accessories”.
  • Remove the check mark in front of it.

Recommendation for complex passwords

Of course, too hard to use passwords, invented the computer — this is okay, and better is exactly what to do. But if a site does not accept it or do you want to insert the password that you created in 1Password or LastPass, Safari attempts to come up with your password can get annoying. To disable this feature you need:

  • Go to settings device.
  • To access the item “Passwords and accounts”.
  • Remove the checkbox next to “AutoFill password”.

Automatic deletion of records in the recorder

Updated the voice recorder in the iPhone and iPad stores all of the voice recording, even if the user had them removed. They go in the basket where they must be removed again. If this is not know, you can quickly fill up the phone memory with unnecessary audio files. To avoid this, you need to:

  • Go to settings device.
  • Click “sound Recorder”.
  • In the “Clean remote” to specify the time to automatically delete files.

Disable notifications about how much time you spend with the device

2018 at WWDC Apple talked about the fact that many people become dependent on smartphones and we all could use a good vacation from the digital world. To do this in iOS 12 introduced the corresponding function of “Screen time”. It is from time to time, share statistics, and if it frightens you, or annoying, you can disable it. To do this:

  • Go to settings device.
  • Open the “Notifications”item.
  • Find the sub-item “Screen time”.
  • Switch the toggle switch next to “Admission notification”.

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