6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

Always wonder when I see a MacBook in a cafe? Perhaps you are going to buy a new laptop and don’t want to make it work on Windows 10? The good news is that to switch from Windows to Mac is not as difficult as it may seem.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

With a small preparation platform change can be relatively painless, even for users who previously used Windows only. Below are six tips that will simplify your transition to Mac.

1. Make sure that the macOS has all of the necessary programs

The first step towards ensuring safe switching from PC to Mac – to make sure available on macOS. This process involves listing all critical software installed on your Windows PC. Don’t forget about small utilities to productivity.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

Check the availability of these critical applications for Mac. Given the fact that many years have passed since the release of the first version of Mac OS X, the number available for this OS application may surprise you. On the desktop Apple has all Windows browsers including Firefox, Opera and Chrome as well as popular online services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Skype, Viber, Telegram. In fact, even Microsoft offers the full Office for Mac includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

But beware: in versions of Mac apps are not always the same as in versions for Windows. In addition, the situation may confuse the case when the range of products for Windows is different from Mac line.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

If the software manufacturer offers an app for macOS, the next step is finding alternatives with similar features. However, the maturity of the Mac means that there is a good chance that you are looking FOR. But be prepared that you will have to study suggestions from the Mac App Store, read reviews online, look for details on the discussion forums.

2. Consider options for installing Windows on a Mac

What happens if an important software are just not available in macOS? You can easily install a Microsoft operating system on your Mac. For this there are two methods: using Boot Camp or virtual machine.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

Boot Camp is a system utility macOS, is designed to help to allocate a separate PC partition to install Windows. Once setup, you can choose between booting Windows or macOS. Of course, install Windows on MacBook ensures that you can continue to use familiar software but use Windows on a regular basis casts doubt on the very idea of switching to Mac.

In most cases, it is appropriate to install a virtual machine with Windows. Options software for macOS under virtualization include VirtualBox, Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. VirtualBox is a reliable free product, although its Mac-oriented integration and far behind the commercial products are Parallels and VMware.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

The recently released Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion 12 8.5 offer increased productivity, improved support for peripheral devices and Windows 10. Both products offer an enhanced capability, although Parallels 12 can be more friendly for novice users. It is important to note that both programs have the capability of removing Windows applications from a virtual Windows environment, so that they appear next to macOS applications on the desktop.

3. Examine the model number of MacBook

If you have all the necessary applications, the next step is to buy a MacBook. A simplified range of devices Apple makes the choice of the model is relatively simple.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

The model range presented laptops MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. MacBook Air notebooks are available in 13-inch models while the MacBook Pro available in 13 – and 15-inch screen. The MacBook is a thin and light laptop and is available in versions with a screen 12 inches.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

If you are financial, so you only have the “normal” display – your choice of MacBook Air. If your budget allows, you should look to 12-inch MacBook. For professional tasks fit MacBook Pro.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

It is worth noting that the memory on the new laptops, the MacBook cannot be increased the normal way. On most models it is soldered directly to the motherboard. Some manufacturers offer aftermarket upgrades solid state drive (SSD), complete with the necessary proprietary connectors. However, it is best to pre-determine the volume of SSD and RAM when ordering the MacBook.

4. Go to the Mac. Don’t rush, but hurry up

Although the idea of phasing out Windows in favor of macOS seems tempting, it is best to accelerate the process of changing platforms. Do not move on the eve of important events (for obvious reasons) or a day trip.

Spend a few days on installing software and familiarity with macOS. Transfer all work documents from the old to the new PC with cloud storage such as Dropbox. Even savvy users should expect a period of adaptation is a different user interface, other steps for common tasks, including startup and shutdown.

5. Pick the suitable accessories

A small number of models and form factors in the line of MacBook has another advantage: it provides manufacturers of peripheral devices sufficient incentives for the production of accessories. This means that the Apple ecosystem offers a wide selection of additional gadgets designed specifically for the MacBook.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

Kanex PowerGo battery with USB-C will allow you to fully charge your MacBook. Redundant power supply is designed specifically for Apple laptops. In addition to interface of USB type-C is available full sized USB input, allowing you to use the battery for simultaneous charging various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

If you plan to rarely take the laptop out of the house, do not fly on business trips, and travel from the rest of civilization, then you this Supplement unlikely to be interested. But if your MacBook will live in the bag, ride in the car with you, spending time in cafes and in meetings, then Kanex PowerGo might be a useful thing.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

Accessory from Twelve South called the BookArc may be for you a real gift. Neat stand from Twelve South allows you to keep upright MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Appearance of a novelty is characterized by a semi-circular shape and a slit for the installation of the equipment.

If work or Hobbies involve working in environments where heavy rain, dust storm and other natural disasters are commonplace, and the MacBook is still needed? You can’t go wrong if you decide to protect it with a protective case from Urban Armor Gear, which combines the many achievements of engineering.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

6. Become an advanced Mac user

Once you survived the initial discomfort of transition from one OS to another, take the time to explore all the features of Mac.

6 tips on how to move from Windows to Mac and not go crazy

One of the most important advantages of the MacBook is excellent battery life, a by-product of tight integration of hardware and software. It may be useful function of the Space, allowing you to create multiple virtual desktops and helps organize startup applications without requiring a larger number of monitors. Learn all the gestures work with the trackpad.

The transition to Mac does not mean that you have no way back. In fact, if you do it right, periodically switching between Windows and macOS, you will reach full ambidexterity platforms in a very short time.

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