7 best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 9.3.3 this week

The ranks of the iPhone and iPad with jailbreak come new users, despite the limitations Apple and condescending attitude of the owners of “stock” devices.

Since the advent of the original iPhone jailbreak witnessed the emergence of many unique tweaks. With the advent of the control of the voice assistant Siri, notification Center good reasons to open informal access to the iPhone and iPad, has become even greater.

MacDigger offers a selection of the best jailbreak add-ons for iPhone and iPad released to developers this week. All tweaks can be found in the standard repository BigBoss.

Volt ($0,99)

Interesting animation to iPhone lock screen while charging. In fact, the analogue of a night mode for Apple Watch with lots of settings.

Super VoiceMail (free)

This add-on is a kind of software answering machine for your iPhone. You do not need to subscribe to a paid service your operator.

CleanAssistive (free)

A simple tweak that allows you to remove the labels from the buttons in the panel AssistiveTouch.

Phone++ for iOS 9.x.x (at$4.99)

A powerful extension to the standard Phone applications. The developer has integrated caller list in the phonebook with popular services.

NCPop (free)

A slight tweak of the category of visual. NCPop allows you to add an interesting 3D effect when you invoke the notification Center.

Cone Gestures for YouTube (free)

Cone Gestures adds gestures to control playback of YouTube-style player VLC. The tweak is a must-have for fans of the popular video service.

LocationHandle ($4,99)

The tweak allows you to replace the geographic coordinates of your iPhone. “Teleportation” is valid for all applications on the device.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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