7 capabilities of the iPhone, which Android users can only dream of

Along with the eternal struggle of Windows and Mac users are actively debating which mobile operating system is better – Android or iOS. War Apple and Google for leadership in the mobile market continued from 2007, when it submitted both platforms. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will talk about the unique features of iOS that you won’t find on Android.

1. Apps on iOS go faster and look better

When it comes to launching a new application, many developers prefer the App Store. There are a number of reasons, but the main one is that iOS apps generated more revenue than their Android counterparts on Google Play.

A study of the independent Agency Infinium has shown that the development of Android applications is 28% more time than iOS. To achieve the same functionality on the operating system Google’s developers have to write is 38% more code.

As a result, most modern games and apps will debut first on iOS and then on Android. For example, a popular Russian app Prisma appeared in Google Play only two months after release in App Store.

Even Google itself releases for iOS apps better than Android. For example, recently appeared in the App Store Motion Stills utility that allows you to view live photos taken on iPhone, in the style of the tape in Instagram.

Regardless of which system you prefer – iOS or Android – you get access to the most popular apps: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and others. It is noteworthy that the new features also appears on iOS faster. WhatsApp for iPhone voice message came a week early.

2. Operating system updates are available immediately for all

When Apple releases an iOS update, it will immediately receive all of the owners of the supported models of iPhone, iPad and iPod, because the company has complete control over the platform. With no interference by cellular operators or third party. This allows Apple to quickly address any vulnerabilities, errors or failures of the software.

In addition, users can test the new iOS right after the company they represent.

In the case of Android can boast only line of Nexus devices. Android 6.0 Marshmallow debuted in October 2015, but the owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones started to receive the update only from February 2016.

3. A simple and functional search

Spotlight is a phenomenal tool. To access it simply swipe down from the home screen, then user can search any information on your device – apps, contacts, phone numbers, e-mails, GarageBand projects, emails, music tracks. Spotlight also allows you to search on the Internet.

As for OS X, Spotlight on iOS is able to perform basic mathematical calculations.

4. iPhone safer

The Apple platform is much safer than Android. Of course, iOS has security vulnerabilities, but their number and frequency of detection do not go to any comparison with Android.

In a recent study, experts Mobile Threat Report Pulse Secure is estimated that 97% of malicious software aimed at Android. At the same time, the Department of homeland security US said that the meager 0.7 percent of all viruses are detrimental to devices running iOS.

The reason for this big difference is the fact that Android users do not have the ability to update their smartphones to the latest versions. In addition, Android is more widespread, that attracts cyber-crooks.

5. The best support of new technologies

Since Apple is the only manufacturer of iOS devices, new technologies are being introduced much faster. For example, in 2013 along with iPhone 5s the company introduced the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Three years later, on the shelves you’re unlikely to find an Apple device without Touch ID. This constancy is very attractive to developers, the faster they introduce support for new technologies in their applications.

Android began to support the fingerprint scanner on the native level only with the release of Marshmallow in 2015. Previously, manufacturers had to add it to their software. This situation is less interesting for developers, so the Android applications that work with fingerprint sensor, almost was not.

6. The best ecosystem

Because Apple designs both software and hardware for their devices, they work great with each other.

Start writing a document on one Apple gadget and you can immediately continue on the other. With Continuity, users can also make calls to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac if the machines are in the same Wi-Fi network. Operating system Apple macOS Sierra added shared clipboard.

In most cases, the close interaction of all devices useful to the user.

This level of interoperability of gadgets is hard to recreate when you use the technique of different, often competing, manufacturers.

7. Lightning microUSB outperforms all the parameters

Lightning connector is not a universal solution, like microUSB, but it is much more capable. In the literal sense. Standard microUSB is limited to 9 watts, while Lightning provides 12 or more. Besides, it doesn’t matter which side you stick the Lightning.

Since the Lightning connector is bidirectional, which means that it can be used to charge not only iPhone and iPad but also the accessories, such as keyboards. microUSB 2.0 only works in one direction.

Lightning also supports audio transmission. Lightning headphones could without loss to accept digital audio with 48 kHz.

Manufacturers can equip the headphone buttons to adjust the volume, pause, and keys for special functions in a particular application.

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