7 reasons why you should refuse to buy iPhone 8 and iPhone X for iPhone 7

Is it really such a significant difference between the flagship and the Apple iPhone 7? Not at all. It’s all in the details. Here’s what:

1. iPhone 7 more affordable than the iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The first and most important reason why your choice should be made in favour of the 7 key, the price of novelties of Apple.

The price of iPhone 8 stratum at 56 990, and on the iPhone 7 c 43 990

Cheapest iPhone 8 Plus can be purchased for 64 990, while for the iPhone 7 Plus with a capacity of 32 GB will have to pay 52 990

The most expensive to buy will be the iPhone X price in 79 990 in the base model.

2. iPhone 7 presents in more colors than both models


iPhone 8 is available in three colors: silver, gold, space gray.

iPhone X presents only two colors: black and white.

iPhone 7 can be purchased in five colors: silver, gold, black, space grey and rose gold.

3. iPhone 8 and iPhone X has a glass back, which makes them more fragile than the iPhone 7



The back surface of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is covered with a protective glass, which, on assurance of Apple is a heavy-duty, but nobody canceled the fact that there will be fingerprints and footprints, as well as on the screen. The cost of replacing the rear window is $ 350 for the iPhone 8 and $ 400 for the iPhone 8 Plus. That is the replacement rear panel is estimated at more than half the cost of a smartphone in the base set.

4. For wireless charging the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will have to buy additional accessories


iPhone 8 and iPhone X support wireless charging standard Qi. The charger need to buy additionally. Besides, Apple developed its own charging station, so you have to choose among third-party manufacturers. The cost will range from 25 $ to 75 $. iPhone 7 supports the standard charging via Lightning cable supplied.

5. iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 7 have similar characteristics rear camera


The difference in the capabilities of the camera is in aperture values: the iPhone X it is ƒ/2.4, the iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 Plus — ƒ/2.8. IPhone X there is a dual optical stabilization, and the iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 Plus — single. The flashes of cameras iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus there is the option to Slow Sync, which is responsible for more than the correct flash sync of iPhone 7 Plus, this feature is missing. Also unlike the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus is a striking feature of portrait lighting, but still in beta version.

6. iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone 7 have similar characteristics of the front camera


The main parameters of the front camera is also very similar, with the exception of some camera functions iPhone X. It is equipped with a system TrueDeth (its main task — responsible for the operation of the Face ID feature). Front camera iPhone X will get the ability to shoot in portrait mode, the function of portrait lighting (in beta version) and will support Animoji.

7. All the best in iOS 11 regardless of the choice of the model


iOS 11 functions well on all three devices. The difference of the operating system on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 will be generally invisible.

If doubts about the choice of the model still, you can use the comparison chart on the Apple website.

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