75 new features in iOS 10 [video]

To mobile platform iOS 10 should be treated in the same way as the new generation iPhone. Unlike its predecessor, which was regarded as a model with the letter “S” is not something totally new and improved version of the old. In iOS 10.

75 new features in iOS 10 [video]

In iOS 10 features improved stability, efficiency, and convenience for developers. It was a place for new and useful features that can please active users of “Apple” devices. Apple is called the “top ten” most important release of the system in its history.

In iOS 10 has changed significantly the Message: texting is now more fun and interesting with features such as stickers and effects that appear on the screen. Siri even better interacts with the applications, Maps, Photos, Apple Music and news presented in a new design, and new Home just to manage all the devices of home automation from a single interface. 10 opens up iOS to developers new opportunities to work with Siri, Maps, Phone and Messages.

Blogger Jeff Benjamin made the 30-minute video 75 innovations in iOS 10:

The list of new features in iOS 10:

  • New Wallpaper.
  • New design folder and animations.
  • Bold fonts.
  • The Raise function to Wake.
  • The ability to remove the standard apps.
  • Advertising in the App Store.
  • New “Back” button in the status line.
  • New Siri section in Settings.
  • Folder to the desktop to iCloud Drive.
  • Collaborate on notes.
  • Fast connections in FaceTime.
  • Gallery of the dials in the app Watch.
  • Separate sections of Mail, Contacts and Calendar in settings.
  • Apple Pay in the settings of Safari.
  • The updated Contacts app.
  • Adjust video quality for wifi and cellular networks.
  • The updated control Point.
  • AirPlay mirroring is now called AirPlay Screen.
  • A separate section in the control for music and video.
  • 3D Touch support in the control room.
  • No more widgets in notification Center.
  • New widgets.
  • Widget preview with the 3D Touch.
  • The ability to add new widgets.
  • History Spotlight search.
  • Interactive notifications.
  • Unlimited tabs in Safari.
  • The Split View for Safari.
  • New interface to send content.
  • Comments for images.
  • Inline video.
  • Inline links.
  • The Digital Touch Feature.
  • The Digital Touch feature for photos and videos.
  • Sending effect of the bubbles.
  • A simple way to answer one touch Tapback.
  • App Store iMessage.
  • Insert Emoji with one tap.
  • Configuring read receipts for each chat.
  • The “smart” hints in the keyboard.
  • The new sound of the keys.
  • Multilingual text input.
  • Location-based tips in the calendar.
  • Events in the calendar.
  • The mode of viewing conversations in Mail.
  • Filters in the mail.
  • Create letters Side-by-Side on the iPad.
  • Column Mailbox.
  • Recent posts at the top.
  • The option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
  • Dark UI mode in Hours.
  • The function “Time to go” in hours.
  • The new design of the stopwatch.
  • 3D Touch support for the timer in the control room.
  • New app Home.
  • Updated the Health app.
  • The ability to share achievements in the application Activity.
  • Returned the Category tab in the App Store.
  • The Split View for the Music app on the iPad.
  • Automatic download music.
  • Manage downloaded music.
  • Find photos by people and objects.
  • Tabs Memories in Photos.
  • Improved search in Photo.
  • Edit Live Photos.
  • Live filters for Live Photos.
  • The drawings on the photos.
  • Improved auto-correction in Photo.
  • New Vibrance slider in the Photo.
  • New design and icon Apple News.
  • Sorting favorites in the Apple News.
  • Updated the interface of the application Apple Maps.
  • App Swift Playgrounds.

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