8 Android features that are missing on iOS

Borrowing ideas is a common practice in the world of technology. Is on the market to come to some innovation, as he was immediately copied by competitors. Android copies iOS, iOS copies from Android. Not so long ago, for example, we wrote about the fact that some of the new features the iPhone 7 really is not new. Edition iGate.com called eight Android features that have not yet migrated to iOS, and which, judging by the comments in the network, very interested in the iPhone and iPad users.

1. Gesture typing on the original keyboard

Gesture Typing (“Continuous input”) is a keyboard operation in which the user does not need to tear Paley from the screen and just slide it from letter to letter. To this method of input at first to get used. Continuous input assumes that the user knows exactly where on the keyboard is one or the other letter, and does not forgive the chaotic yaw your finger across the screen in search of the right symbol. But it is necessary to understand, this input method it begins to seem the most convenient possible.

Of course, there are many apps for iOS that make this typing possible on the iPhone. But for Android users is a function of the sliding input is available by default, you just include it in the section “Nastroiki – Language and input – Google keyboard Settings – Continuous input”.

2. Tips on the keys

Another very convenient and unique property of the native Google keyboard – the presence of tips on the keys that appear due to long-press the button. Once you taste this feature how to stop using will be very difficult. You can activate it in “Settings – Language and input – Google keyboard Settings – Settings”. Just check the setting “Long-press tooltips.

3. Automatic energy saving mode

One of the most useful features of newer versions of Android – smart power saving mode that can be activated under “Settings – Battery”. If you reduce the battery to a user-set level smartphone begins to disable background applications. IOS 9 also has a function of reducing power consumption. It is included with reduction charge in the battery to 20%. But to set the mark manually, for example, 5% or 15% is impossible. Why? Ask Apple.

4. Installing applications from the web version of the store

The App store works fine if you run it under iOS, but the web version many believe is not too convenient. In Google Play there is a function that Apple definitely would be worth to copy. We are talking about remote installation of applications. For example, if your smartphone is connected to the Internet and synced to your Google account, you can computer remotely to install applications from Google Play. Apple gadgets do not know how. In iOS, you can from the web version of App Store to add the app to your library, but then you still have to take your smartphone, go to the library and manually install the application.

5. Customizable “do Not disturb”

The Android function “do Not disturb”, available from the quick settings menu can be easily programmed to automatically shut off. Need only pull down the notification area, click on the active “do Not disturb” to open the settings menu, toggle the setting for Planning, putting the right time on and off.

In iOS you can literally one click to enter the mode “do Not disturb”. But plan it in advance will not work. To exit this mode you also have to manually. And you also need to remember.

6. The option to clear the app cache

Some applications very quickly turn into eaters of memory. Fortunately, in Android you can very quickly free up space by deleting cache data of all apps at once. Go to “Settings”, open the “Memory” section and select “Data cache”.

In iOS a useful is not possible, so users have to rely on the fact that your particular application will be able to clear his cache. Otherwise, voracious app have to periodically uninstall and install again.

7. The ability to close all Windows at once

The latest version of Android Nougat has got an excellent feature that allows the user one click to close all Windows that are open in multitasking. In the upper right corner just a button “Close all”. In iOS this feature yet.

8. Fast switching between the two applications

Multi-tasking, which has got Android Nougat, allows to work simultaneously in two Windows, but it is not always convenient. Another useful “feature” of this mode is the ability to quickly switch between the last two apps in full screen mode. It is enough just quickly double-click on the default button to open a list of applications. iOS so, too, is not able.

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