8 main disadvantages of Android, which will have to be reconciled in the transition from iOS

Every year iOS and Android become more comfortable and thoughtful — competition improves both operating systems. But if the main problem remains the iOS hardware limitations (only iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), Android another problem — the abundance of devices, each of which must receive (or not receive) the next update.

For those who are thinking to arrange the transfer from iOS to Android, we propose to discuss the pitfalls that will meet the future owner of “Google phone”.

1. The device starts to slow down over time

When you first get your Android smartphone out of the box, it almost flies. Applications open and switch almost instantly. However, over time performance of the gadget falls. What kind of technological shamanism? The internal memory of the device is clogged, and the performance is not the same. The computer is relatively easy to clean OS on the smartphone is much more problematic.

Some fans of “guglofonov” I believe that the performance of the smartphone in a year is very beneficial to producers, as it gives the user a desire to move to a new model.

2. Bad compatibility

A strong party of “Apple” devices – the fact that between them they “just work”, they have perfect compatibility and synchronization. The complexity and diversity of the Android ecosystem means that there will always have to configure devices and troubleshoot problems, so they agreed among themselves.

3. Malware

As noted by the developers at Google I/O this summer, safety is the biggest problem Android. Ecosystem it grows, and to make sure that all devices are provided with timely security updates is not a trivial task. Google itself has achieved in this field some success, releasing monthly updates for its Nexus line. Samsung is also regularly releases updates. However, most manufacturers “do not bother” on this. So if you really want to be sure of the safety when working with important cards, you should look at iOS device.

4. Awkward multitasking

Multitasking on any mobile device is a real pain. Samsung and some others now to play a little with the possibilities of “doubling” of the screen, and this technology is even included in Android Nougat, but still to do on the tablet two things at once is much harder and more inconvenient than desktop users. There are a number of third-party applications that help to improve the situation, but globally it is still not resolved.

5. Update with a huge delay

How long will it take to Android smartphone got the latest version of the OS? Still the bulk of the equipment operates on the version of Kit-Kat and Lollipop, and the update to the Nougat received less than 1% of devices. Update of the current version and current security updates, as mentioned before most users get very slow.

Apple can afford timely updates because all the code belongs iOS and Android includes a lot of different builds from different developers, and Google just can’t control them all.

6. Nightmare in the section “Share”

The tab that is opened by pressing the “share” button is a nightmare. Users have to scroll impressive and anecdotal list of absolutely useless applications. Why the list of recommended apps for the screenshot of the game head to Google Maps, Hangouts and Google+? Many of these applications simply do not use. Why maps of the twenty-first level in “pokemon”, is also unclear.

7. New releases always on iOS

iOS has absolute power over their applications. However, many new and interesting programs laid out in the first place for Apple devices and sometimes the Android version does not appear.

Despite the fact that Android is the largest operating system in the world, it is not the easiest to develop. Open source gives the freedom of creativity, but it becomes inconvenient when it comes to compatibility. Not every developer has the resources to build an app that supports all devices and all OS versions.

Developing for iOS is easier and more convenient and up to date version of the system is also only one. So Android developers are working “secondly,” and many of the programs in the systems differ dramatically: just look at Snapchat.

8. Pre-installed apps

Buying a new iPhone and iPad, you get along with him a large number of unnecessary programs, but they are all from one developer. While recently most of them can be eliminated. Buying a smartphone on Android, in addition to the standard garbage from Google, the user also gets a bunch of pre-installed software from the manufacturer, which is hard to get rid of. The folder “useless” on the desktop of your smartphone by default more than twice.

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