8 reasons why the iPhone 7 better than any smartphone Samsung Galaxy

The mobile market is a persistent struggle between the two strongest manufacturers Apple and Samsung. 7 Sep “Apple” giant presented the new generation of its flagship iPhones, which have a slightly different design from the current models. Among the characteristic features of look iPhone 7: changed the geometry of the plastic inserts on the rear panel, a new form of projection, hiding the main camera module, the lack of a 3.5 mm connector. The main innovations are the novelties lie in the hardware.

iPhone 7 got processor is the latest generation of Apple’s A10 Fusion, moisture resistant case, faster connectivity through Wi-Fi LTE, 2/3 GB RAM, minimum 32 GB of flash memory. There are at least seven aspects on which “seven” is superior to any of the existing Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

1. Performance

Tests of Fusion A10 processor on Board the iPhone 7, confirm that it is the fastest mobile processor in the smartphone market. Its power is comparable to the processing power of modern laptops. Of course, Samsung also produces powerful chips, but so far none of them can compare with the new Apple A10. In a recent test of the iPhone 7 have left no chance to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 performance in real conditions.

2. Optical zoom

12 megapixel camera the iPhone 7 Plus boasts a two-fold optical zoom. This means that the image you can zoom in two times, without resorting to digital zoom. Smartphones Samsung Galaxy is not able.

3. Exclusive apps

Another important advantage of 7 over iPhone family Galaxy is the operating system running on the “Apple” smartphone, as well as software available on the Apple gadget. Many games and apps come first to iOS. This is largely due to the fact that iPhone and iPad more audience and easier for developers to produce for a limited number of Apple devices, and then port their designs on Android. For example, a new platformer Super Mario Nintendo game first released on the iPhone.

4. More rapid and long-lasting support

Apple supports their smartphones for quite a long time. For example, the latest version of iOS 10 will be immediately available after the release of the iPhone 5, released four years ago. Samsung, in turn, is in no hurry to release software updates for their old products. As a rule, the company supports smartphones during the year, the release of the next flagship. After that, the updates may be delayed for months.

5. More options of internal memory

iPhone 7 comes in three variants with 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB of internal storage. Galaxy S7 has only one version with 32 GB of memory, and the Galaxy Note 7 is only available with flash drive 64 GB. Of course, the biggest advantage of Samsung is the support of memory cards. But it is important to note that memory cards have some limitations in comparison with built-in memory. For example, the microSD card is impossible to install some apps.

6. Stereo speakers

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus installed stereo speakers, while the Galaxy S7 has only one speaker with mediocre sound. The new Apple smartphones is one of the speakers located on the bottom edge of the device, and the second is at the top of the front panel. This location seems fairly original, but technically it allows you to achieve stereo sound when listening in landscape orientation.

Of course, in the segment of Android can find the smartphone also has stereo speakers, but to all other parameters, these models can not compete with any flagship Samsung or the new iPhone 7.

7. Support earphone AirPods

Many have criticized wireless headphones AirPods for the impracticality, however, it is impossible to deny the innovation of this headset. Although the earbuds are compatible with smartphones from other manufacturers, they have a number of features that are available only in combination with iPhone. So, we are talking about the possibility of instant connection to the gadgets and support for Siri.

8. The latest operating system

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came out with the newest software iOS 10 out of the box, what can be said about tubes Samsung. In anticipation of the announcement of the same Galaxy Note 7 sources pointed out that the South Korean phone get a new Android 7.0 Nougat, but this did not happen: at the start of the machine running last year’s Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. At the same time buyers of South Korean smartphones will have to wait for the end of the year, before they will be able to update to Android 7.0. As if Samsung didn’t try, it fails to provide buyers with their devices the most recent and up to date software.

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