8 ways to quickly “kill” the battery of an iPhone

The problem of quick discharge is familiar to most iPhone owners. Many smartphone users are constantly monitoring the neighborhood in search of outlets and other ways to charge the battery of smartphones. Edition CBS News made up of eight main sources of discharge iPhone.

1. To connect your iPhone to the computer that is not active.

If outlets for charging no PC or laptop are considered as obvious alternatives. However, quite often overlook the fact that the computer may go into sleep mode or standby, and then it turns out that the phone is not only charged, but even more sat down or even turned off. Therefore, you should always check whether the computer is connected to the mains and to run those programs, which will not let him go to “sleep”.

2. To leave iPhone in the heat or in the cold.

In anticipation of the summer employees of service centers are always rubbing their hands and preparing for the shaft of complaints on the battery. If caught on the exposed contacts of electronic components with moisture all clear (there is a short circuit and subsequent failure of the phone), something about the cold or the sun rarely think. The battery capacity decreases in the cold, it is General wear. When the iPhone is exposed to temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, it can lead to permanent damage to the battery. If the battery is in a cold environment, it will start to decrease. But it is temporary and she will be back to normal.

3. To use the app Facebook.

Users of the official client Facebook for iOS complain that the app consumes large amount of battery power, even if it is closed. According to studies, is the most voracious software available in the App Store (excluding games, of course). Moreover, the development team of Mark Zuckerberg is actively discharge the battery when working directly in the program, and in the background Facebook updates data almost continuously, reducing battery life.

Uninstall this application from your iPhone saves up to 15-20% of your phone. Instead, the application is recommended to open Facebook in mobile social networks through the browser.

4. Do not use power saver Mode.

When power drops to 20% and below, it is advisable to enable this mode. Energy saving function disables some functions of the operating system as long as user does not charge the device. Among the parameters that impact energy efficiency:

  • check e-mail;
  • background app refresh;
  • automatic download;
  • some of the visual effects;
  • the auto-lock time ā€“ 30 seconds;
  • the CPU performance is reduced by 40%.

5. Do not enable airplane mode in areas with low coverage.

Since the iPhone is constantly trying to establish a connection with the cellular network, including in areas with low signal in the subway or out of range of the cellular network, energy consumption increases significantly. At such moments, to save battery you can enable airplane mode on the device. Yes, to receive and make calls will not work, but the battery will tell you for this “thank you”.

6. Write notifications for all apps.

Each push notification “includes” the screen of the smartphone. Not to “torment” is constantly on the phone, turn on notifications only for applications that are constantly in use.

7. Use cheap external battery

There is one good rule ā€” if your portable battery is being charged all day, and it lacks only one charging the phone, it is a bad external source of charge and should be replaced. Most of these “accessories” for mobile phones also are made of poor quality components. That’s only sold sometimes for very big money. Their frequent use is detrimental for your smartphone.

8. To charge the phone using car charger

The most unexpected, but very dangerous vulnerability, which burned almost every car enthusiast ā€” car charging of your smartphone. Manufacturers offer these accessories to buy on their own. However, the market is flooded with simple cheap “bling” with a light bulb and a USB connector. They have a minimum set of electronic components that do not withstand criticism. But in unstable circuits automotive quality requirements of the charger are multiplied. As a result, the iPhone is subjected to torment from the unstable voltage of the Converter useless.

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