80 hidden features in iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

On Monday Apple unveiled its major software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 11 contains hundreds of new features, so tell about all the innovations in the framework of one event is simply impossible.

During the presentation, Apple paid attention to only the key improvements in iOS 11. First of all, the company is pleased with the minimum amount of memory, optimizing the use of space in the gadget. IMessage messages are now stored in iCloud and synced across devices, and photos and videos will take up less memory on the iPhone and iPad thanks to new compression algorithms without loss of quality.

Completely redesigned App Store, control room, and the icons of some apps. A rather interesting “feature” of iOS 11 — new mode “do Not disturb driving”, which does not allow to be distracted from the road.

Less noticeable changes in iOS 11 left in the shadows, but that doesn’t mean they have less value to users or developers. Below is a list of innovations that are present in the new OS, but were not affected at the official presentation.

  • Russian-English dictionary.
  • Keyboards for the languages Kannada, Malayalam and Odia.
  • Flashlight for 9.7 inch iPad Pro.
  • 3D Touch support for switching between tabs in Safari.
  • Spoken/Braille captions for your video.
  • The security of enterprise networks.
  • The status of flights in the Spotlight.
  • New Arabic system font.
  • Recycled color inversion (dark theme).
  • Sharing files in iCloud.
  • Enhanced family settings.
  • Definitions, translations, values and mathematics in Safari.
  • Driving directions to sightseeing in China.
  • Service for brands can connect with users on Business Chat.
  • Clicking on HomeKit for customization.
  • Auto-fill passwords in third-party applications.
  • Family plan in iCloud.
  • Warnings about the traffic cameras in China.
  • Screenshot and quick markup.
  • Mode NFC.
  • The SOS function on the iPhone.
  • Top results in Mail.
  • Support For WebRTC.
  • Advanced support for dynamic fonts.
  • Keyboard for typing with one hand.
  • Updated interface of the app “Podcasts”.
  • Usage statistics of mobile traffic.
  • New switches HomeKit.
  • Automatic adjustment of gadgets via iCloud.
  • Text queries Siri.
  • Mode safe web surfing for Opera in China.
  • Voice assistant Siri now understands the context of the conversation.
  • English 10-key Pinyin keyboard.
  • Remote backup to iCloud.
  • News in notification Center.
  • English input to Japanese keyboard with recording system Romaji.
  • United basket in iCloud Drive.
  • The function of recording video from screen (screencasts).
  • The integration of family access iCloud Apple Music.
  • Advanced analysis of the Wi-Fi connection.
  • VoiceOver support in the descriptions to the images.
  • The invitation to family sharing through Messages.
  • Zoom with one hand in Maps.
  • Joining a meeting by clicking.
  • Custom selection of the top stories in the News.
  • Accessibility for PDF.
  • The 3D Touch function for the dictionary.
  • Advanced set of keyboard.
  • The ability to use a phone number as an Apple ID in China.
  • Memory optimization.
  • Support for QR codes in the camera.
  • Dictation for Hindi.
  • The ability to share links with the 3D Touch in iMessage.
  • “Live” photos in FaceTime.
  • Advanced editing the Braille text.
  • Enhanced protection from fraud by SMS.
  • The ability to share Wi-Fi passwords with other users.
  • Support annotation of PDF in iBooks.
  • Portuguese-English dictionary.
  • The app “Files” instead of iCloud Drive.
  • NFC is now available for third-party applications.
  • The ability to drag and drop in “File” and some other iPhone apps (but not system-wide like on the iPad).
  • A floating window on the iPad.
  • Multi-tasking with the simultaneous launch of four apps (two on split screen, and one “floating” window in addition to the function “picture-in-picture” video) on the iPad with 4 GB of RAM.
  • Updated application “Calculator”.
  • New icons for iTunes, App Store, and “Calculator”.
  • No subscription to the app icons in the Dock.
  • Lock screen rotation on 5.5 – and 4.7-inch iPhone (bug?)
  • On iPad line numbers, and symbols that are available using the Shift key or the Caps now appear on the keys themselves. By pulling the button down, you can make them available on the main keyboard.
  • Customizable switches in the control room.
  • Automatic deletion of unused applications.
  • More fat system text.
  • New section: “Accounts and passwords” in the settings menu.
  • New options of privacy for Safari in the settings.
  • The possibility to pause syncing in the iCloud photo Library.
  • The category of “Storage and iCloud” in settings is now called “Storage, iPhone”.
  • Gone was the integration with Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr.
  • New effects in Messages.
  • Clicking on a screenshot in the preview, you can open it in the editor to create layouts.
  • Disappeared support 32-bit applications and devices.
  • New Wallpaper.
  • Icons in the form of points to display the signal strength in the status bar again replaced by sticks.
  • The new animation.
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