9.3.2 iOS can turn 9.7 inch iPad Pro in “bricks”

If you, as owner of a 9.7 inch iPad Pro, burn with the desire to release the updated iOS version 9.3.2, hold your horses. According to our colleagues from MacRumors, in connection with mysterious circumstances, the upgrade can turn your device into a “brick”. Error 56 and this is exactly the index is mutated “pandemic”, occurring at the time of the update “over the air”.

Currently on Twitter there was a whole discussion about what causes complete cessation health Pro compact iPad. Interestingly, the vast majority of the owners of the 9.7 – and 12.9-inch “proshek”, by their own statement, and did not find any strange when you upgrade to iOS 9.3.2. At the same time to restore the device to factory settings, the saved copy through iTunes or any other way to bring him back to life is not possible.

According to the latest reports, in Cupertino are already aware of this problem and strongly recommend that anyone faced with it to update your version of iTunes to the latest. As probable causes “deaths” iPad Pro has been named a hardware incompatibility with certain software elements updates. In the case of unsuccessful attempts of the “resurrection” of your iPad Apple strongly recommends that you contact the customer support.

Someone of the owners of iPad Pro has a 9.7” already updated? Tell.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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