9.3.3 iOS beta 1 vs iOS 9.3.2: comparison of the performance on iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and 4s [video]

The iOS update 9.3.3, according to the developers Apple must be working on the bugs, and improve performance of iPhone and iPad. Videobloger iAppleBytes decided to test this and compared the performance 9.3.3 iOS beta 1 and iOS final version 9.3.2 on supported models, including iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPhone 4s. Note that some people are saying about unstable test build of iOS, but what firmware version is faster ā€” you can see in the video.

The test showed that contrary to the promises Apple iPhone 4s iOS operating system runs somewhat slower 9.3.3 9.3.2 iOS. This manifests itself in on-time smartphone and launch speed of applications. If we take other devices ā€“ iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, here the new firmware is not showing the deterioration and on the contrary, in some aspects, it bypasses the stable version of the operating system.

9.3.3 update iOS beta 1 was released Monday, may 23. It brings changes to the interface OSes: in this version, the company has focused on improving the internal mechanisms of the OS, and therefore, the focus should be on improving performance, increasing stability, and other important details.

Will be interesting to see how the situation with the performance of iPhone and iPad will fare after the release of the final iOS version 9.3.3. At the moment only available the first beta.

9.3.3 iOS beta 1 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 6s

9.3.3 iOS beta 1 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 6

9.3.3 iOS beta 1 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 5s

9.3.3 iOS beta 1 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 4s

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