9.3 iOS allows you to hide pre-installed apps

On our iPhone vast amount of applications but not each of them we have established on their own. Some apps are preinstalled, and they have the iPhone, regardless of whether they need us or not. The best thing to do is to hide unwanted apps in a distant folder. Information about what Apple will give another way to get rid of unwanted pre-installed applications that have already appeared, and it looks like the first step the company has made in iOS 9.3.

A Reddit user under the nickname bfodder noticed that the tuning device on iOS 9.3 beta with the app to Apple Configurator 2.2 beta, you can hide the standard application. To do this in the Restrictions section, select Do not allow some apps, and then add the ID of the apps you want to hide. You will need to save the profile and apply it for the device. Then app icons will disappear from the screen of your device.

Here are some ID standard iOS apps that you may want to hide:

com.apple.stocks – Shares
com.apple.tips – Tips
com.apple.videos – Video
com.apple.mobilemail – Mail
com.apple.mobilenotes Notes
com.apple.reminders – Reminders
com.apple.calculator is the Calculator
com.apple.Maps – Maps
com.apple.Music – Music
com.apple.Passbook Wallet
com.apple.mobilephone Phone
com.apple.MobileStore – the iTunes Store
com.apple.MobileSMS Messages
com.apple.VoiceMemos – The Recorder
com.apple.weather – Weather
com.apple.podcasts – Podcasts
com.apple.gamecenter – Game Center
com.apple.Bridge – Watch
com.apple.mobileme.fmf1 – My friends
com.apple.iBooks – iBooks
com.apple.mobileme.fmip1 – Find my iPhone
com.apple.mobiletimer – Watch
com.apple.mobileslideshow – Photos
com.apple.Preferences – Configure
com.apple.Camera – Camera
com.apple.facetime – FaceTime
com.apple.MobileAddressBook Contacts
com.apple.news – News

This method, of course, quite complex and not intended for use by ordinary users, it is more useful to developers. However, we can expect the release and more simple solutions for users in the near future.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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