9 applications that Apple killed at WWDC 2016

Each time announcing new software products, Apple comes into the territory of any third party applications. So it was with iOS 9 and OS X Yosemite, so it was with iOS 10 and table platform macOS Sierra. MacDigger offers a selection of applications and services that are at risk to retire after the release of the final versions of mobile and desktop operating systems Apple in September of this year.

Search car in the Parking lot

Normal mapping application can solve the problem with finding Parking, but you need to fulfill the main condition: the user has to remember to open the program and put the label on the map. Apple maps in iOS 10, you can forget about this routine once and for all: the app automatically saves your location and allows you to easily find it on the map, without making any effort. At the moment a similar function have the Track Back, and some others.

3D Touch in the control

IOS 10 to support 3D Touch in the control. A simple push with a little effort, you can set the timer, choose the intensity of the flashlight to activate the photo shooting, videos or slow-mo. This decision Apple borrowed from the developers of the tweak QuickCenter, which works in a similar way.

Sleep analysis

Normal alarm clocks properly perform their task, but they completely ignored the physiological aspects of sleep. Of course, you Wake up, and often even at the time, but that’s how I feel and what mood to start a new day ā€” here as lucky. IOS 10, Apple has proposed a new way to monitor sleep ā€“ function “Time to go”. Like the Sleep Cycle app it saves the nerve cells of the owner, makes it easier and faster to Wake up.

The App “Home”

10 integrated in the iOS app “Home”. According to Apple, this is a simple and secure way of configuring, managing, and monitoring devices smart home from a single interface. Devices can be controlled individually or combined in groups to configure all devices with one script and even one command for Siri. The program “House” combines the functions of many other devices “smart” home. The app allows you to manage devices remotely or to enable the automatic change of settings depending on the time of day, location and actions.


A new setting in iOS 10 called “Magnifier”. It is located in the section “Universal access” and allows you to triple tap the Home button to activate the zoom from the camera. This functionality offers a Magnificent app.

Universal clipboard

A technology called Universal Clipboard in iOS and macOS 10 Sierra allows you to use the clipboard on all Apple devices through iCloud. The user can easily copy and paste text, images, photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to another. At the moment, this functionality offers app PushBullet.

Automatic unlock Mac

Apple macOS Sierra added the ability to automatically unlock your Mac by using “smart” watches Apple Watch. Until the moment when this change will appear in the Apple computers users can use to unlock MacBook or iMac biometric sensor Touch ID on the iPhone. This functionality offers app KeyTouch.

The Updated Message

During the presentation, Apple paid much attention to the iMessage. In addition to the “animated and personalized features” in the application an opportunity to use stickers and draw images with your finger. Fans of this method of communication effective use of them in Snapchat.

App Store iMessage

In iOS 10 features from App Store apps you can add to the Messages app. Developers can offer users new ways of communicating, including to select, and add stickers to the conversation, quickly edit the gifs or photos, send payments, to invite to dinner or a movie ā€” and all this directly in Messages. This service is available to users of Facebook messenger.

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