9 months Apple Music as a gift: it sounds like a dream?

Probably, few people would not want to get a free subscription on Apple Music as much as nine months. Sounds unrealistic? But if in addition to this you will be presented with Beats headphones? Apple knows a lot about gifts, and this year was no exception.

All employees of the retail division of the company received the gift of nine months of subscription Music and Apple earphones with remote and MIC, reports The Next Web. Given that the number of Apple Store employees more than 45 thousand people, it’s a pretty generous offer. Of course, this is nothing compared to holiday bonuses of top managers, but at least something.

Normal users are still offered free of charge to try Apple Music, but only for three months. Then the subscriber will be taken the monthly fee or for individual subscriptions ($169) or family (279 rubles).

For Apple such promotion is a good way to increase the number of active users of its music service, which already exceeds 10 million people. However, how many of them pay for the subscription in the company silent.

That will get the rest of the staff as a gift, is still unknown. The total number of Apple employees is almost 110 thousand people.

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