9 startups that Apple bought in 2016

Apple often buys other companies, but not very willingly talked about it. Edition Rb collected information on nine transactions this year, was made public.

The list is far from complete because of the many purchases was announced. As expected, the most popular category remains the company in the field of artificial intelligence, but there is also a spinoff TV show and developer of educational technologies.

Usually Apple confirms rumors about deals standard phrase of acquiescence: “Apple periodically acquires smaller technology companies, but most often we do not discuss with anyone, their goals and plans.”

Flyby media: augmented reality with computer vision

Flyby media, founded in 2010, is developing augmented reality technology that will allow mobile devices to “see” the world with “spatial recognition”, combining the physical world with the digital.

Flyby Media technology applicable in a variety of areas, ranging from drafting and ending with unmanned vehicles. The main function of these technologies is the tracking of an object in three-dimensional space.

Emotient: face recognition using artificial intelligence

Emotient was founded in 2012. The developers of the company learned to recognize human emotions in real time just by analyzing expression patterns.

“The image is input and scanned for the presence of persons, — she explains — as only in the frame detected by the face, is facial recognition templates, and is defined by expression”, – said Marian Bartlett of Emotient.

One of the first finished products Emotient there was an app for Google Glass designed for sales professionals who could identify the faces of the customers whether they like a product, according to the publication TechCrunch.

One of the key features of the technology Emotient is that when you scan the faces of the people their personal information is not stored anywhere. Many developers reading technologies, individuals are faced with confidentiality issues, however, still unclear that Apple is going to do with this company, which can produce scan anonymously.

LearnSprout: for teachers and students

LearnSprout develops software for teachers and school staff that examines the performance of children. Programs use teachers in 2,500 school districts in 42 States.

In recent years in the U.S., Apple lost its traditionally strong position in the market of educational technologies of cheaper laptops running on Google Chrome OS.

In December, Apple CEO Tim cook said that the Google Chromebook laptops – it’s just “machines for tests.” According to Futuresource Consulting, which explores the educational market, more than half of the devices are currently in school, refers to a series of Chromebook.

LegbaCore: the creators of virus for Mac

LegbaCore is best known as the developer of the virus Thunderstrike 2, which hit the Mac. The malware could be passed from one MacBook to another, even if the computers were not connected to the Internet.

In November the founder LegbaCore Xeno Kova announced in his Twitter that he and his partner Cory Kellenberg went to work in the Apple to engage in “low level protection”. This event would have remained unnoticed if another expert on computer security are not told about it during his presentation at the relevant conference in December.

Resource Wired reported that the worm developed by Cova, became the first such program that infects Mac at the firmware level, i.e. the level that is loaded before the main operating system of the computer. Such attacks are especially dangerous because they cannot be detected with any antivirus or any other security software.

Instead of using their developments and sell them for big money, he and his team have informed Apple about the vulnerability, which is already completely fixed. While Apple does not pay large fees to those who find vulnerabilities in the founders LegbaCore this bid for honesty, it seems, still played.

Carpool Karaoke: popular show with James Korden

Apple bought from CBS the rights to a popular TV show James Corden Carpool Karaoke (“Karaoke machine”), whose members ride on car with comedian and singing popular songs. The Corporation plans to release the episodes for subscribers of Apple Music.

Apple intends to turn the heading of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (“Very late show with James Korden”) in private shows, as well as to provide a stream for users of the proprietary streaming service. The transaction amount was not disclosed.

According to sources, it is planned to shoot 16 episodes, which will be published once a week for several months. Each will involve different celebrities. While the show will have a new leader — his name will be announced separately. James Corden is assigned to the producer of the project.

Turi: platform machine learning for developers

Turi provides tools and means for embedding machine learning and artificial intelligence in third-party apps to other developers. The company was founded in 2013 by a Professor at the University of Washington, and, unlike other startups in this list, the website of the company is still functioning.

Initially the project’s goal with open access was the application of high-performance machine learning to graph analysis.

One example of the use of the service, and a more reliable detection of fraud in applications.

Glimpse: monitoring data on the health status

Service Glimpse transforms medical information into an understandable profile for each patient He perfectly fits in Apple’s plans for the further development of medical technologies. Despite the fact that the Apple Watch become a new computing platform, as many expected, Apple noticed that people like to monitor their health and fitness with this watch.

“We have created a magical device. It takes complicated medical information and turns them into understandable elements of codes with terms that are easy to perceive and cars, and people. This is the Rosetta Stone in the field of machine learning,” – said on the website of the company before it stopped working.

Tuplejump: machine learning

The company Tuplejump creates machine learning technology and aims to simplify data management practices to use them was very easy, says the company’s website at the Internet archive Wayback Machine. Representative offices are in India and the United States.

Apple drew attention to Tuplejump for her project FiloDB. In the TechCrunch review of this project reads as follows: “FiloDB is a project with open access, which develops the company Tuplejump for the effective application of the principles of machine learning and Analytics to large amounts of heterogeneous data in the stream.”

Chief engineer FiloDB Evan Chan works in the Apple in may of 2016 as two of the co-founders of the company Rohit Roy and Sathyaprakash Buddhavarapu, according to their profiles on LinkedIn. Another co-founder, former Chairman of the Board Tuplejump Deepak ALUR, joined Anaplan for the position of head of the technical Department.

Indoor.io: navigation inside buildings

Apple without much publicity bought this startup to improve its mapping service. The Developers Of The Indoor.io create card structures.

In the report about the deal, released by Bloomberg, says that Apple is planning to use drones to capture and map data updates. In the future, drones will allow the company to obtain the data faster than it could used vans with cameras.

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