99% sold in online stores fake Apple adapters life-threatening

Guide Amazon has decided to intensify the fight against counterfeit products. Fake products became a big problem in the Internet in recent years: recently it became known that 90% of the “original” chargers for the iPhone and iPad in the online store turned out to be fake. In the study, it was found that 99% of them pose a danger to the lives of users.

The study was conducted by the British Institute of trading standards (Trading Standards Institute). In the experiment, the experts made a test purchase of the Apple adapters from 8 countries, including USA, China and Australia. Only 3 of the 400 units were produced in compliance with the technology standards.

The head of the British trading standards Institute Leon Livermore urged users not to save on the adapters and to purchase equipment only from the manufacturer. “The way it will cost you a few pounds more but a fake and former in use products can cost you your whole house, your life or the lives of your loved ones,” he said.

Fake adapters typically provide 5 Watts instead of 10, have a low build quality and pose a serious danger. They undergo stringent reliability tests to ensure compliance with standards. To distinguish an original from a fake is not always easy. First of all you need to find on the power supply certification label with the inscription “Designed by Apple in California”, which attests to the authenticity of the product.

A few years ago Apple had launched a program to replace non-original power adapters for iPhone after fatal accident in China. In 2013, the 23-year-old flight attendant from China died as a result of the shock she received from the iPhone. The experts found that the cause was a non-original mains charger. A few days later it became known about one case: a Chinese in a coma after electric shock he received while trying to charge his iPhone 4.

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