A bug in the Telegram allowed the Muscovite to quietly read the correspondence of TV channel “Rain” [video]

Muscovite Anna Gorbachev within six months receives messages from the chat Telegram in which it is not. Among others, she receives notification from the editorial SMM-chat the website of the TV channel “Rain” and community in which to discuss the rich suitors, according to Secretmag. As it turned out, to change the account of the building should be approached very carefully.

As told Gorbachev, she can see the messages in the chat messenger on the lock screen of your iPhone. When you try to go to notification Telegram starts to work strange: the screen opens the chat, but is empty ā€” no messages, avatars and even the name. Private message girls chat do not fall: to the right, an exclamation mark appears, which indicates a transmission error.

Service founder Pavel Durov confirmed that the cause of the malfunction is failure. iPhone could get a girl from a friend who was in the chat of “Rain” and delete the app without removing the authorization. Anna Gorbacheva actually bought my iPhone with it”, but have a friend who, in her words, at that time had no relation to the TV.

Durov added that the fault “has long been known, and it is fixed but only for new cases. The problem was indeed widespread: a similar fault former employee told the “Committee” Egor Monks and Ilya Kazakov from the company Gameloft. The problem of the last support Telegram called “a large pechalka”.

“I have a question: does the Telegram maintains the confidentiality of if I can read the messages from the chat of strangers” ā€” said Gorbachev.

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