A former top Manager of “Rostelecom” creates a system of monitoring of social networks

Former Vice-President of “Rostelecom”, the CEO and co-founder of National telematic systems” Alexey Nasekin working on Analytics for social networks and blogs, which will predict threats. About this “Vedomosti”.

“Leo Tolstoy” is the name of the system on their own, without human intervention to gather information from social networks and blogs, including foreign ones, as well as closed communities. Not available, only the information of the messengers, but theoretically it is possible to obtain in the presence of special equipment, he said. What kind of equipment, Nasekin said.

After processing the data collected “Leo Tolstoy” will determine the threat point of their origin and development, says Nasekin. According to him, it will also be able to give recommendations to counter threats.

How does the system determine threats, Nasekin not told, he only said that it could be anything from a child before the terrorist attacks and ethnic conflicts.

The development of “Leo Tolstoy” at a cost of hundreds of millions of rubles. Among the clients he sees law enforcement agencies, large corporations and the public sector. Law enforcement agencies already interested in the installation of the system, but no contracts yet, said the author of the project.

The system is already used by the Federal Agency for the Affairs of nationalities: the office monitors Facebook. VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, LiveJournal and other social networks and sites, told “Vedomosti” Deputy head of the monitoring, analysis and forecasting of the Agency Roman Safronov.

A senior employee of one of the search engines in a conversation with Vedomosti questioned the possibilities of “Leo Tolstoy”. According to him, the development of such a system needs a lot of qualified it professionals, but in recent times, such the recruitment market was not observed.

Russia currently operates several systems of monitoring of social networks, remind “sheets”. Among them, “Cribrum” (development of Infowatch and “Ashmanov and partners”), the “prism” of “Medialogia” and others. Interviewed by the publication, the authors of the monitoring systems noted that they had not previously heard about fully automated programs that run without human intervention.

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