A nice bonus for users of Continuity on Mac

Many users of Mac computers and the iPhone have already managed to master the Continuity and Handoff feature is a cool tool to interact between a smartphone and a computer. You can, for example, wirelessly charge my iPhone and the cellular network and even make and receive phone calls on your Mac.

Another handy option is to work with applications on your iPhone, and then, without interruption, continue on your computer. This applies, for example, “Notes”, “Cards” and other programs, including Safari. But with a browser and connected pleasant pasalacqua.

When you open Safari on the iPhone-enabled Continuity on your computer also opens the browser. But in this case, if the default you have installed Safari. For example, if you use Google Chrome, then after work in Safari on the smartphone on the PC, opened Chrome, not the browser from Apple. Simply put, Continuity launches the default browser.

It is noteworthy that in Chrome as in Safari, open the same page from which you worked on your iPhone or iPad. Very convenient because you do not have to configure the same thing multiple times.

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