A resident of Petersburg, earned a million by selling a fake iPhone wrote a confession

19-year-old resident of St. Petersburg for six months sold 25 fake Apple, passing them off as original. The girl repented and came to the police, writing a confession.

According to the investigation, the value of each infringing phone was $ 40 000. In the end, she was able to earn by selling fakes for about 1 million rubles.

According to Life, the lady herself came to the police and wrote a confession. She told investigators that in may 2016, the year was selling counterfeit iPhone 6. The idea to make a living so she suggested a friend named George. He told the girl that he has a phone is not the original production and the “left” SIM cards to communicate with potential buyers.

Documents for product — warranty cards, receipts and even the sticker with the IMEI printed George Haymarket, and then passed to the assistant. IMEI, according to him, he copied from the original phones in one of the shops, and then hammered the data in the smartphones to the customers when you turn on iPhone saw the room and could see the appliance data via the Internet.

One iPhone 6 the George was estimated at 40 000, the seller Yaroslavna received for the sale of the “left” of the phone Apple-6000-7000 rubles. In total, according to the girl, from may to August, it sold about 25 phones.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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