A Russian court found the Apple Watch conventional wristwatch

The Moscow arbitration court rejected the claim of Apple to the Federal customs service of Russia, in which the American company asked to change the classification of the Apple Watch from a wristwatch to a device for data transmission. This was reported by “RIA Novosti”.

The statement of the Russian “daughter” of the Apple were received by the arbitration on 18 February. She asked to recognize illegal the ten decisions on the classification of “smart hours” Apple Watch on the HS UES, as well as the decision on amendments and / or additions to the information specified in the Declaration of goods, dated 5 February.

Until the end of 2015, the Apple Watch and other smart watches Russian customs attributed to devices for voice and data and rate of import duty on them was zero. But at the end of the year classification changed and “smart” watches compared to conventional wristwatch, import duties and taxes which comes to 10%.

FCS classify the Apple Watch as a normal wristwatch, since one of the main components of the device “is a component of the countdown, however, he does not have to be in the form of the clock mechanism”, explained in court the representative of the customs service. According to representatives Apple, the device is multifunctional and highlight its main component is impossible. According to the company, rather it should apply to microprocessors.

Due to the fact that the FCS began to charge a fee on the Apple device, the Apple Watch before the New year has risen in price in retail. December 11, Apple has raised the price of the Apple Watch on 7-17%, depending on the model.

The ratio of the decision of the court of first instance will be known after the publication of the full text of the judicial act. The decision will come into force in a month, if not Apple will appeal it. The company did not comment on any situation with the introduction of a ten percent duty in the Russian Federation, nor the decision of Arbitration court of Moscow.

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