A useful feature of “Mail” for iOS

If you spend a lot of time in the Mail app (Mail) for iPhone, you are probably faced with a situation where in the process of writing one message you needed to go back to another letter for more information. For such cases, Apple has provided a convenient “trick” that many still don’t know.

This feature is called “minimization” message, and to activate it is not necessary to go into the settings or to install additional applications. All the action takes place directly in Mail. Create a new email and enter the test text, then swipe the message down, how to do it with the “control Center” (Control Center).

Your own letter will be reduced to one line, and you will be able to return to any mailbox in the app, open another email and copy out the text, tables, or other information. After that, enough to raise the window “minimized” letters up and resume the conversation with the first caller.

It is noteworthy that this way you can “collapse” multiple emails — very important for those who carry on a correspondence with several contacts at once. Helps not to be distracted by new messages in the communication process.

Surprisingly, how many new unexplored opportunities over time found in iOS. This, for example, works with iOS 7 or higher.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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