A useful feature of the iPhone that you didn’t know

One simple fact: the iPhone is always with us and constantly tracking our location. Sounds scary, but, on the other hand, it’s incredibly convenient. The main thing needed to use the capabilities of the device, in addition to maps and navigators.

The functionality of mobile operating systems has increased so much lately that became impossible to remember all the useful features. A recent post on the website How To Geek explains how to set a reminder about an important event when using a personal vehicle.

Simple reminders do not work when you need to do something with reference to a particular place. Sitting in the office, you clearly remember that evening to buy milk but, arriving at the store, completely forget about it and remember you are already approaching the house. With the iPhone the problem is solved very simply. Enough when you create a reminders to click the toggle switch to “Remind me at a location” and specify when you want to remind: when boarding a car or Vice versa when you exit the car.

The function works in the following way. As soon as your iPhone connects via Bluetooth to the car system the device is receiving scheduled in advance notice. It is also possible to configure sending reminders after disconnection from multimedia system – that is, when you get to the right place.

To configure smart alerts can be as follows:

Step 1: Open the standard Reminders app and add a new reminder app.

Step 2: Click the icon “i” next to your entry.

Step 3: Click “Remind me at a location” and then “Location”.

Step 4: Select “Fit to vehicle” or “out of car”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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