About the real causes of the failure of Apple from using a 3.5 mm of audio Jack in the iPhone 7

The abundance of rumors about the likely failure of Apple from audio Jack in the iPhone 7, which appear with surprising regularity, almost left no doubt as to their authenticity. However, many of our readers this step is seen if not absurd, at least it is not entirely logical. But Apple has their arguments on this score.

The first and main reason for the switch with a 3.5 mm Jack for Lightning to headphone Jack is possible change audio formats to Apple Music in Hi-Res. According to the statements of journalists MacOtakara, play the tracks “high resolution” without loss of quality under force will only be “lightning”.

The second version, which is also reflected among the experts, associated with traditional reducing the body thickness of future devices. It is expected that the device will become so compact that the continued existence of the round audio Jack directly contradicts the idea of the engineers, who could not find other choice.

The third theory, and to a lesser extent, similar to the truth, but it is having the right to life is the urge Jonathan Quince to create a smartphone with a screen occupying the entire front panel. In order to “stretch” the display, as you understand, it is necessary to abandon all interfaces, including audiojack and the Home button, preventing the implementation of ambitious plans of the great designer.

And, finally, the fourth and most unusual hunch carries exclusively materialistic goals. In particular, some analysts are seriously suggesting that Apple has decided to equip all Beats headphones proprietary connector, exclusive compatibility with the iPhone which will be the main argument in favor of buying the products of Dr. Dre.

And which version you think is most likely? Share your opinion in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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