According to research, Apple spends more on advertising than Samsung

It is believed that one reason for the good financial results of Samsung’s aggressive advertising policy of the company. As shown by a recent study from Apple these costs even more than the competitor.

According to analysts Pathmatics the iPhone maker spent on advertising via digital channels at US $97 million, while Samsung $80.4 million If we exclude the advertising of Samsung goods that do not have direct competitors in the range of Apple, for example, washing machines, refrigerators or SSDs, it appears that Apple spends on 179% more. The data collected over the period from 30 November 2015 to 30 November 2016.

As noted by Business Insider, in sight of the researchers do not get some channels, for example, advertising in social networking or search results (the last article many campaigns is the highest in the advertising budget).

Samsung invests heavily in BTL-a segment: advertising in-store promotions, sales personnel training. Vendor make efforts to ensure that its gadgets are not associated with other devices on Android. For this, the US has implemented “the strategy of one of the brand,” Samsung insisted that all national mobile operators were selling smartphones Galaxy without changing its name.

Interestingly, Apple has $22 million of the aforementioned $97 million is October. This can be explained by the fact that in October was submitted to the MacBook Pro new generation. In addition, in mid-September began selling the iPhone 7.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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