Ads from Spotify can infect your Mac

Spotify is one of Apple’s main rivals on the Music market for music services. Unfortunately or fortunately, this service is not officially available in Russia. In order to use it, the people of Russia will have to try. Why fortunately? According to multiple reports, the free version of Spotify with ads at the moment distributes malware.

Users of macOS and OS X usually feel secure when it comes to malware. In this case, Spotify Free is a threat to users of Windows and macOS and Linux users. Malicious code can infect your Mac with Safari.

This is not the first case when the is to Spotify Free brought BY the malware. The last case was recorded in 2011. At the moment Spotify is aware of the issue and to carefully studying it. Users are advised to uninstall the free version of Spotify.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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