African animal rights activists paid $30 thousand for the upgrade to Windows 10, secretly loaded on the satellite channel

The user of the website Reddit c nick zambuka42 told that they must pay $30,000 to upgrade a computer to Windows 10. The update is hidden is loaded on a machine connected to the Internet via satellite.

The victim of the policy of the operating system Microsoft said that’s part of the group defenders of wildlife, which catches the poachers in Central Africa. The laptop without the user’s knowledge downloaded over 6 GB of data to update to Windows 10. Since the team used a satellite Internet connection and was paying for every megabyte, update cost them a huge amount. The cost of satellite Internet in remote areas of Africa can be up to $5 per megabyte of traffic. Thus, a free upgrade to Windows 10 cost of environmental organizations in the $30 000.

“I live in the Savannah in Central Africa. We pay for slow satellite Internet with charging per megabyte. One of our computers secretly downloaded 6 GB for installation Windows 10. We monitor and coordinate anti-poaching teams of Rangers with the help of these computers and GPS. F* You Microsoft!”

In addition, due to the hidden upgrade the operating system among animal welfare activists fell down the Internet speed. As a result, they are unable to calculate a GPS position got into a firefight with poachers of Rangers, which sent a signal for help. “Now on your hands the blood, Microsoft”, — said the author of the post.

Reddit users in the comments have begun to offer ways to switch to Mac and how to disable automatic updates using specialized software.

Later zambuka42 said, I’m grateful to everyone who responded to its entry and pleasantly surprised to find that some people sent donations to animal rights activists. According to him, if the team would raise money for the plane, they’ll call it after one of them transferred the money users.

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