Against Facebook posts that beg for likes

Guide Facebook has confirmed its plans for the decline in the popularity of posts that beg for likes, comments and reposts. It is reported by Cult of Mac.

Against Facebook posts that beg for likes

Social network will use machine learning to deal with such records. This innovation, which will come into force next week, will be able to influence both on various groups and pages of people. Thanks to him, the tape will be less spam.

It seems that the leaders of Facebook have started to guess that the users don’t like posts with captions like “like this if you agree” or “share this with your friends to win X iPhone”:

“To help us in the fight against the offending entries, teams of experts reviewed and graded hundreds of thousands of similar publications. This will help develop the algorithm for deleting such content.”

“Messages that use this tactic will be less visible in the news feed”.

Facebook moderators will warn the community that begged for likes, comments and reposts. The heads of these groups will have a few weeks to adapt and change your approach.

The leadership of the social network also said that understand — there are things that you want to attract maximum attention. Therefore, in non-commercial publications, such as those that promote the collection of funds for charity, the new rule will not apply.

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