Airbus will eliminate delays with AI

Company manufacturing large passenger aircraft Airbus will be able to solve the problem of flight delays by using artificial intelligence (AI). This was at the summit VB 2018 said the head of the division for the application of AI Adam Bonnifield.

According to an employee of the company, 80% of carriers are regularly delayed flights. This costs the US economy $ 40 billion a year. Bonnifield believes that this situation is Yes to lack of data. Airbus was able to solve this problem, due to the sharp reduction of prices on computing power.

First, the company will gather information about the operated aircraft (refueling, repair frequency, direction, time, weather, etc.), and then upload the data on a single server. After that, artificial intelligence will define the mechanisms of flight delays and will be able to accurately predict the arrival time of the aircraft. Head of AI said that the project aims to work with third-party companies who want to increase their efficiency.

The introduction of AI in aviation ā€” trend this year. Recently London’s Heathrow said it plans to entrust the work of border guards, security guards and reception artificial intelligence. So the airport will be able to get rid of lines and speed up the process of registration.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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