Airline “Russia” allowed to use smartphones during takeoff and landing

Airline “Russia” would no longer prohibit Amateur photography sea landscapes during takeoff and landing. Now in these moments, you can use any of the electronics, disconnect it from networks. The largest Russian airline after Aeroflot has cancelled the ban on using gadgets during all stages of flight.

Airline "Russia" allowed to use smartphones during takeoff and landing

August 1, 2016, the airline has simplified the rules for the use of electronic devices on Board. To include electronic devices allowed in the airplane mode disabled wifi and Bluetooth. This rule concerns the use of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, e-books and games, digital audio and video players, and other electronic devices with communication capability GSM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Earlier aboard always echoed a warning to passengers that all electronics must be turned off during taxiing of the aircraft and during climb and descent.

On Board the aircraft remains prohibited to use mobile phones/smartphones, tablets, which do not have the ability to switch to airplane mode, pagers, wireless Bluetooth earphones, two-way radio, using radio communication, including satellite phones, radios, radio transmitters, portable radios (“Walkie-Š¢alkie”), portable TV sets, Amateur radios, handheld two-way radio, toy, remote control, wireless microphones.

Airline "Russia" allowed to use smartphones during takeoff and landing

“Aeroflot” has allowed passengers to use gadgets during take off and landing aircraft from 1 July. “UTair” canceled its ban last year. And for airlines in Europe and the US, it has become common practice in 2013.

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