AirPods: 10 reasons to buy wireless headphones Apple

Last week Apple released the AirPods is one of the most unusual devices for the last time. Not headphones, most ā€” wearable device. Thanks to the processor Apple W1 they have much more features than the usual headset for smartphones.

AirPods is the finished product in which all the promised functions work like clockwork, so there’s a sense that Apple hastily released a gadget that had some sort of wireless headset for iPhone 7. Headphones will appeal to those who have been delighted with the EarPods, their sound and ease of use. Also they are perfectly suited to motorists and athletes, as each earpiece can be used separately as a headset. And indeed all those who are looking for the perfect headphones for the Apple ecosystem.

1. No wires

When creating the AirPods in the Apple was obviously trying to get rid of everything that was deemed unnecessary: wires, buttons, indicators and other atavisms. The same was observed in the new MacBook and the iPhone, which is lost with the process of “evolution.” But in the case of headphones, this radical approach there is no rejection. “Wireless future” Apple welcome all users “Apple” technology.

2. A convenient form

Headphones were much the same as the classic headset EarPods, bizarre form, which in 2012 was the occasion for jokes and discussions. However, Apple is all at once laid out on shelves: to ensure a perfect fit in the ears of most of the users in the creation of original devices were investigated auricle more than 600 people and created 124 of the prototype. So AirPods is ideal for those who fit EarPods.

3. 24 hours of Autonomous operation

Apple did not dissemble about the battery life AirPods. On a single charge each headphone works 5 hours. The case provides more, plus 19 hours in total we have 24 hours of work. This is enough for 4-5 days long music listening. In addition, for 15 minutes in case the headphones are charged 70%, and this provides about three hours of listening. For such a compact gadget with a battery of 20 mAh is a striking result, that is worth praise, the processor W1.

4. Case-battery

Cover-battery AirPods is one of the most interesting inventions of Apple. With box earphones never lost and won’t get dirty. And thanks to the built-in battery of headset will always be ready to work: open the lid and you’re done.

5. Ease of connection

For headphones don’t need to press anything to switch, go into settings and perform other senseless acts. It is sufficient to unlock the phone, turn on Bluetooth and hold up a smartphone outdoor case. All headphones are now fully ready for use and will connect to all devices with an Apple ID automatically.

6. The sound quality

If we consider the AirPods as a classical ear, for listening to music on the go, the sound quality it is possible to compare with classic EarPods. With one small but crucial difference: the new headphones have a deep sound and it is tuned as under the cheerful rock of the 1960s, and under the violence of two or three strings of the guitar of the modern indie groups.

7. Auto pause mode headset

Element for “magic” AirPods are infrared sensors that determine the position inside the ear. That is, they automatically put the music on pause, if you get one of the headphone, and then automatically switch to playback. AirPods is perfect for drivers / businessmen / athletes, as each earpiece can be used separately as a mono headset.

8. They don’t fall out of your ears

When wearing AirPods there are no issues: they sit perfectly in the ear and do not cause discomfort, are very confident and can only fall out if you accidentally touch their hand. Over a week of use the headphones have not given any reason to doubt the reliability of the landing. When running, sudden movements of the head and other engagement AirPods remain motionless.

9. Support Siri

Due to the fact that on the body there are no buttons, all control is via voice assistant. To call Siri need to tap the earpiece, then dictate a command. Using these actions, you can accept and reject incoming call, make louder/quieter the sound and pause the music. It is worth to pay tribute to the developers: Siri understands what they want from it, in any, even the most noisy environments.

10. Price

In Russia, the AirPods are 13 000, which is quite expensive. For this money you can buy any high-quality in-ear headphones from a renowned manufacturer, or middle headphones. However, the stuffing and capabilities AirPods in many ways superior to almost all models that you can buy for the money. Apple’s W1 and sound a little processing, and noise reduction organizes, and life time prolongs, and does many other things. And if you look at other similar headsets (Jabra Sport Elite, Samsung Gear IconX), the issue price is no longer, as they are much more expensive.

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