AirPods can be charged even faster?

One of the main advantages AirPods before analogues combined with compactness and ease of operation is considered to be their autonomy. As shown, these headphones can work up to six hours of continuous playback and still the same after twenty minutes of charging. But can they – at least in theory – be charged even faster, provided that the battery of each device is 80 times less than that installed in the iPhone 7? Try to understand.

Feature of lithium-ion batteries is such that when excessive flow of electricity supplied from the outside, they have a tendency to overheat and, consequently, to spontaneous combustion. In order to prevent inadvertent detonation, electronics manufacturers artificially limit the ability of such batteries to make electricity in proportion to their power. Thus the smaller the size of the battery, the slower should be the speed of the power supply to avoid overheating, making instant charging almost impossible.

Still, there is at least some probability that the AirPods will be able to recharge in minutes? In theory, Yes. It will have to abandon the complete case and use the PSU Handicrafts. The lack of integrated limiter will increase supplied to the battery, the flow of electricity, engorged it much faster. Characteristic sign confirming the successful experiment is a distinct pungent smell and red-hot the body of the accessory.

P. S. the Editors it is strongly recommended to do such manipulations with your AirPods. The publication was given a note.

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