Alexander Ovechkin became the face of the online game World of Warships

The developers of online games Wargaming has announced a partnership with hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. The image of the athlete is used to the online game World of Warships.

According to the company, the hockey is of particular interest to Russian players Wargaming. It is for this reason the brand has decided to make his face known in the CIS athlete. He was a hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. The company has already released a promotional video with the participation of Ovechkin. The video was filmed in palm beach, Florida, USA, two weeks after the birth of the hockey player kid.

Commenting on his collaboration with Wargaming Ovechkin said that sports and video games have more in common than you think. According to the athlete, by his example, he would like to show other players that in any competition, the main rule is to never give up. The hockey player admitted that he tried to play World of Warships, but the marine commander, he never got off.

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Clifton Nichols

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