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I’m sure many would like to own personal assistant for all emergency situations, especially abroad, where to obtain medical and other such services alone is problematic. Now you don’t need to spend money in roaming, to ask for help — new app from the company “Alfa insurance” insurance will solve all the problems right on your mobile device.

No, this is not just another app to buy policies and document retention — Alfa insurance in mobile everything is implemented very conveniently and at an incredibly high level. With it, you can not only keep your insurance policies, but also to send the company data about the claims.

On the main screen of the program there is nothing superfluous — just the info you need in the first place. Here are various notifications (e.g., appointment or inspection for insurance), there is a quick access policies, the ability to buy a policy and the main SOS button. What is it for? Will soon tell.

In the “Your policies” placed all information about insurance policies — whether it is hull, LCA or passenger insurance. Documents conveniently sorted by category, so you are always able to get to them quick and convenient access.

On the page of the policy depending on category you can find the contract number, term of validity of the policy, insurance premium, make and model of the car (if it is CTP or insurance) and other insurance information that you may need in a given situation.

Right here there is an opportunity to make a statement about the insurance case. Had an accident? Not a problem, with every case. Enter the address, the circumstances of the damage, take pictures of the scene, the vehicle and the necessary documents, and then in accordance with the instructions send all the data to the insurance company. Yes, it’s that simple.

Lost Luggage? Well, it is quite common even for large companies. Again you can use the app and arrange for an insurance case. By the way, you can always look at the history of appeals to the insurance company for specific policy and be aware of the current status of consideration of the application.

In the sidebar application Alfa insurance mobile contains the basic category of offices, questions and answers, the ability to add the policy or to activate the product. All you need at your fingertips — just one click away.

For example, you can view detailed information about a doctor’s appointment, right down to the names of the doctor, phone the clinic and time of recording.

But what is interesting is the SOS button is located on the main screen? This is the main tool for interaction between you and the insurance company. Immediate medical care, counseling for lost Luggage, injury in the accident and reports of problems with the property — all of this you can find here.

The situations are very different, including extreme. With one of these many faced: health problems in the journey. But what if you call the insurance is not obtained because of high prices in roaming? Request a call back, please fill out the insurance event in the app, or use our step by step instructions.

The app developed by Redmadrobot in, really were very comfortable — try it yourself for free. Besides a version for the Apple Watch already on the way. The Alfa insurance mobile also has a version for Android that you can download at this link.

Name: Alfa Insurance Mobile
Publisher/developer: REDMADROBOT
Price: Free
In-app purchases: No
Compatibility: For iPhone

3 personLink: Set

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