All against Apple: the reaction of the companies on show at “the Theatre of Steve jobs”

The unofficial championship of wit on the Internet: how the world greeted the new iPhone.


At the headquarters of the vendor could not wait and before the presentation realized in the table: in which smartphones “features” of the iPhone X came first. Was in such a hurry that I didn’t check the facts: Sharp has released the Aquos edge-to-edge to Xiaomi, a dual camera module used to HTC One M8 — for example, the HTC EVO 3D.


Did the same thing, but compared the function X with its products. Bonus was credited iPhones “facial recognition eyes”, while Face ID works a little bit differently.


Five minutes of Google taunted his own name, and retweeted a fan who wrote Apple. Subject hackneyed: reproduction. Like, awakening iPhone by tap and gesture not so new.

“Dear Apple, 2013 I acquire, and swipey on my HTC on Android”.

It seems to be not in the business — just published someone else’s recording, but then could not resist and eloquent answer.

“What can I say… We were always like hockey — where you’re going, there glide all the rest.”

Suddenly: Tesla

On Twitter, the company Elon musk also noticed a post a subscriber, joked that electric car Tesla X charges faster than the new iPhone. For the record: “eight” for half an hour to restore power by 50%.


Upset that iOS and macOS are distracted from the content of the service for presentation in the “Theater of Steve jobs”.

“Black mirror”

Twitter series-dystopian Netflix remembered the episode “Moment for Waldo”. In the story the technology is very similar to animaze Apple has helped to create a policy with an animated mask (a human in my way turned out to be unnecessary).

On a frame of the presentation of the added blue bear — character in “Black mirror”


Smsic late in the year and latched on to the word “courage” (courage). Brave at the presentation of the iPhone 7 (Yes, seven) in the Apple called the decision to abandon the 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

“Our mTouch fingerprint scanner unlocks the device faster than you can utter the word “courage””

The loudest laughs best who laughs last, Lord Meizu! iPhone with screen in the entire front panel and wait for sale only from November 3. Then let’s talk about scanners.

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