All the commands Siri has collected on one site

On the Internet launched a new website with an extensive selection of all kinds of commands, questions and requests that you ask your personal assistant Siri on the iPhone and iPad. Documentation, which was published by the creators of covers more than three dozen different categories and are equipped with searching and examples.

All the commands Siri has collected on one site

To access the voice assistant, to utter the phrase “Hey Siri” or tap on the microphone icon. To can see that the virtual assistant Apple is able much more than to give the weather forecast, search the web and get directions. It is also possible to ask, for example, to change the volume, adjust the brightness of the screen to open the web page, take a photo or read messages.

On the website you can find not only standard questions like “Who wrote gone with the wind” or “what time”, but popular jokes like “marry me”.

All the commands Siri has collected on one site

All the teams are separated in different categories: the Conversion (“conversion”), Maths (Calculations), Calculation Date (“Calculation date”), Apps & the App Store (Apps and App Store”), Device Control & Settings (device Management and settings), Notifications (“Notifications”), Contacts & Calls (Contacts and calls), Calendar (“Calendar”) and others. Just on the page there are about 35 categories.

Last month, the Network appeared the same website, on which enthusiasts collected all the possible commands for the assistant to Google Now.

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