All the innovations of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, which you should know

On the official Apple channel, there was a small video in which one of the officers of the Corporation tells how to use the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, how to set dual SIM cards to enable Memoji, to pay for something using Apple and more.

The video begins with brief instructions on navigating in the system. The girl in the video describes the standard gestures to control smartphones, which are already used iPhone X. she Then demonstrates how works Face ID and the conditions in which the system is able to recognize the user.

After she goes to really new opportunities. The function “Depth” to control the focus on portrait images. An Apple employee demonstrates how you can easily reduce or increase the intensity of the defocus background in photos taken in “Portrait”.

Also the heroine of this movie tells what it’s like to have two SIM cards in the smartphone, and how to configure them in the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. However, the instruction applies only to US buyers. No mention of two physical SIM cards, which should be available in China.

This video comes to the end. The girl talks about Memoji and the ability to make group calls to FaceTime, and then removed.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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