All the problems iOS 11 Beta

Every year iOS updates bring users not only new functions and improvements, but also a lot of errors and malfunctions, which the company then struggling for several months. Any “features” this time made us the company from Cupertino?

Lag 3D Touch

Without a doubt, the key “innovation” iOS 11 – low FPS when you open the 3D menu Touch on the home screen. The problem is present in all beta versions of the new operating system, including the recently leaked iOS Golden Master 11.

All the problems iOS 11 Beta

Another interesting fact is that the low performance element of the system is observed only on desktops and completely absent within the application.

Artifacts 3D Touch

This bug is also linked with a strong push on the screen, but is processed in the control. When you click on the sliders of brightness or sound on the music widget displays a circle and a square.

All the problems iOS 11 Beta

Error is only on devices with 3D Touch, so owners of iPad and last generations of iPhone to look for it makes no sense.

Overlay of the notification bar

Sometimes the new notification area, almost indistinguishable from the lock screen becomes transparent while maintaining performance. _ (ツ) _ /

All the problems iOS 11 Beta

The keyboard orientation on the iPad

The bug first appeared in iOS 9, still lives. The keyboard is not subject to the orientation of the iPad, which brings great inconvenience. In the new version of iOS to the keyboard Dock joined.

All the problems iOS 11 Beta

All the problems iOS 11 Beta

Treated error a multiple opening of menus, where the problem occurred. Shame on you, Apple!

Files on iPad

Another feature found only on the Apple tablets. When you hold your finger on the icon “Files”, replacing the 3D Touch is not appearing, and the application ceases to be active. Fortunately, after a couple of seconds it comes to normal.

Invisible Dock

When the application is closed, the Dock with your favorite apps disappears. Fortunately, as quickly returned.

All the problems iOS 11 Beta

The bug has been fixed for iPhone but still lives on the iPad when closing gesture multitasking.

The lack of support for 32-bit applications

A necessary step for the future development of the OS is “hit” by a number of users: sometimes old does not have worthy alternatives, and the developer abandoned its support for a number of reasons. The user needs to make a choice: to move with the times or keep your favorite programs, refraining from updating the OS.

Wrong work

It is not the fault of Apple, but the slowness of the developers to update their programs. However, the crashes and hangs — what is waiting for users at the start of iOS 11. The new OS takes off VK for iPad, slow YouTube, and Google Photos is sometimes absent from the picture, refusing to recognize the new codec HEIC.

The results

iOS 11 was much more stable release of the tenth and the ninth, too slow even on newer devices. If you are willing to put up with the problems outlined above, feel free to update. Want the perfect work of the gadget is? Wait for 11.1, and the best — 11.2, it is usually these versions bring everything back to normal.

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