All you need to know about managing in games on the Apple TV 4

The fourth generation of Apple TV offers its owners a number of interesting features, including streaming services, apps, and, of course, games. We present to your attention some important aspects that will help you to deal with management in games at tvOS.

In order to fully play, it is not necessary to spend money and buy a gamepad. In controller role can be a remote control that is included in the package. With built-in motion sensors and the touch pad, he will cope with the management. Also for this purpose you can use in your Arsenal of gadget running iOS, be it iPhone or iPad.

If you suddenly seem that the game is simply not designed to work with Siri Remote control (or the Apple TV Remote), there is no reason for concern. First, information about the application is bound to have the graph with the indication of support of those or other controllers. Here it is:

And, secondly, a prerequisite of hit games in the App Store is mandatory to its initialization with the remote. In addition, when you start the game you will be shown the way to manage. Here it is:

Anticipating the question of what exactly the gamepad supports Apple TV, all labeled MFI (made for iPhone). Despite the obvious lobby SteelSeries Nimbus, any controller will be compatible with your console. Moreover guaranteed both wireless and through cable connections.

It is noteworthy that any conjugate keypad (and even iOS) can act as remote management consoles. So, for example, left stick is used to navigate through menus and to confirm the action need button “A”. To the above, Nimbus has a special key “Menu”, bred right on the front panel. And to put the movie on pause as the game – familiar Pause button. However, voice control is carried out solely by means of remote control Remote Siri. Unfortunately, the Russian version of the Apple TV Remote does not support this function.

Be careful: Apple TV 4 only works with two simultaneously connected controllers. However, rumor has it that you can synchronize as a third device and another remote, but this information is not officially confirmed. In any case in a large company will have to wait in line.

Despite the ultimate functionality of a modern MFI gamepads, they are mostly not equipped, neither the accelerometer nor the gyro. To control the games by tilting will not work. But staffing the remote control filled with high-tech sensors that can give you the joy of motion control.

If you plan to save and to use for games exclusively Siri Remote, there are some important points about which it is better to know in advance. You can keep the remote in two positions: horizontally or vertically. As a rule, most are available in the App Store games require landscape orientation, but there are also those that support portrait. So be careful and check this information in the Options. The touchpad works on the principle of the D-pad, simulating the pressing of different buttons of the original controller.

And you already got the new Apple TV? If so, please share your impressions. If not, wait for our review. He’s on his way.

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