Alleged pictures of iPhone 7 can be real

Four-inch iPhone SE, released last March, became a sort of a red herring, forcing the public to forget about the iPhone 7 and to pay attention to novelty. But to create a compact smartphone idyll is not destined to be eternal, and another portion of rumors without some hesitation declared allegedly confirmed the design of the future flagship and its functional features.

The focus of the renewed debate began appearing a couple of months ago, photos of the alleged back of the iPhone 7. Then their originality spawned a lot of questions, and disseminated the resource did not cause the slightest trust. In the opinion of our colleagues from the Japanese publication MacOtakara, the photo is quite original the original of one of the prototypes of the upcoming trends.

If these journalists are true, iPhone 7 will actually receive is very similar to iPod Touch 6 case, which, however, did not evoke a positive response among our readers. In addition, the novelty will get the True Tone display, first used in the production of 9.7 inch iPad Pro, and will lose the usual audiogeek. It will replace the redesigned Lightning port and headphone EarPods new generation, which, however, can be wireless. The vacant place will be a second stereo speaker, able to provide the smartphone a more qualitative and loud sound.

But the most unusual and, according to many, useless innovation iPhone 7 will be the Smart Connector. Made its debut in “full-size” iPad Pro magnetic output at the moment has only one use case, which is confined to the connection of the device with wireless keyboard. It is curious, however, that the connector can be a link in the process of wireless charging of smartphone, over the study of the principles which the company employs for a long time.

As for dual camera module, it is likely to become available with a 5.5-inch flagship in the face of iPhone 7 Plus, which is also called iPhone Pro. According to preliminary data, photosystem phablets will be a hardware analogue of optical zoom focal length determining a distance to the object and bringing it closer to the frame without loss of quality.

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Clifton Nichols

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